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How to Have Hope in Hard Times

It's not like me to blog on Sundays and this wordsmith doesn't know where to start with her words. She just knows she needs to write them. So I guess I'll just start with: caring about the world can get really heavy sometimes. And I'm certain some of you might have noticed that energy in me. An energy of needing to walk away for a bit. First from Instagram, then from e-mails. An energy of getting laser-focused on what I need to do and letting the rest fall away.

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9 Things I've Learned About Self Love

Owning my voice and sharing my experience as a sensitive person has been monumental in my ability to accept myself. I no longer compare myself to other people or worry I'm not good enough. But it wasn't always this way. I spent the majority of my life feeling very insecure and unsure about who I was and what I wanted. True acceptance is at the heart of self-love and self-love is at the heart of a healthy, happy life, so here are a few things that have helped me grow into a person who knows herself, accepts herself, and is confident in her worth.

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