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Hi, I'm Robin!

And welcome to the diary. A space to talk energy and what it means to be sensitive to it.

I'm a social worker from the east coast of Canada, and as it turns out, also an AN EMPATH, a fancy name given to those who experience the effects of being tapped into the non-physical world of energy, including premonitions, reoccurring dreams and non-physical visitors, who, because of their deep need to save and protect and their tendency to feel the pain of this world as their own, live the result of ineffective social systems that misunderstand their gifts and abilities and neglect their unique set of energetic and emotional needs.  

When I’m not sharing entries into my life or sending self-care reminders, I'm supporting other empaths in owning their stories, knowing their worth and aligning their energy in a way that’s supportive of a healthier, happier, more meaningful and authentic, peaceful, abundant life, so they can get themselves out of the muck and into the heart-centered work they were called here to do.

Not sure if you're an empath? You can find out HERE.



a self-care reminder for empaths,

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I send a self-care reminder every Wednesday to support you in putting yourself - and your energy - first. If you're looking to improve your current self-care routine or you're someone who could just use a weekly love note based on energy and the metaphysical, I'd love to have you!