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The world is waking up & with it, many empaths and the awareness of who we really are.

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Here to reclaim our power & show the rest of the world, theirs.

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a journaling course for empaths

As an empath, you have a set path. Something specific to your soul and skill-set you incarnated to do. You’ve felt this. You know this. The knowing of purpose is so deeply ingrained in your bones. But if I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s that we cannot change this world until we first change our own.


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the empath podcast, Robin Scott of the diary of an empath

The EMPATH Podcast

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A podcast to help you understand your abilities, set strong boundaries and find and live out your calling.



a Meditation Album

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For centuries, speaking up and being yourself meant shaming and death. And though we know it's different this time around, the unconscious fear from witch hunts and trials keeps so many wayshowers, healers and creatives from sharing their work. If you know you have a message to share & a role to fulfill here, but you're afraid of owning your truth and sharing it with the world, this meditation album was created for you. To heal you. And the centuries of pain you don't have to carry anymore.

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Manifest as an Empath

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Over the next hour and a half I am going to walk you through the manifestation process - start to finish - and show you just how simple the law for attraction can be when you ‘get it’ (it being how being an empath is an absolute asset.) A practicial, down-to-earth guide for those ready to start letting life be easy.



Empaths in Business

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As as an empath, you have a set path and for many of us, that requires selling ourselves. In this course I show you how to turn your gifts and abilities into profitable heart-led offerings and sell them authentically, in a way that feels good to you and those you're serving.

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Support Library

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From learning how to read your astrology chart to a glimpse at my morning routine and the gemstones I use for healing, the library is filled with support for your journey.




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One of my favourite ways to connect is through my email list where I write encouraging emails to support you and what you're growing through.







Are you an Empath?

It gets much easier with the right set of tools. In this free course I teach you about the empath energy system and how to nurture yours.

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In search of your purpose?

It’s not one thing you find, it’s four. In this course I teach you how to find them, weave them and begin showing up how you always planned to.

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the diary

my story written to reflect, inspirE AND EMPOWER yours.