hi, I'm Robin

The diarist behind this diary with the soul mission to support empaths like me understand themselves and their callings.


I didn’t always know this work was my purpose; and actually, I always just hoped for a cozy life as a counsellor at a university. But my soul had different plans and in 2011 I began my awakening. And in 2015 was awakened to being an empath and it changed everything. Because for the first time I wasn't strange, weak or woo. I was deeply intuitive with a conscious connection to the non-physical.

The diary began as a blog in late 2016 when I graduated social work school and realized the gifts I was given had very little to do with the social work jobs advertised on job boards I was searching. I had always known I had something important to do and everything I was ‘supposed to do’ felt limiting.


I found myself in the real world, realizing how much the real world didn't get me - Or others like me.



So, I started a site to use what I knew about social dynamics to out the social conditioning that has kept us empaths small.

Because we aren't small and I was tired of being misinformed and having my intuitive gifts and heart-centered plans downplayed and ignored. I went against the grain and started talking; and it turns out what I was saying meant something. Because since then, I’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of healers and creatives step into the work they’re here to do, and this space has turned into a bit of an empath hub where I get to share-with, support and inspire thousands of empaths all over this world. And there is nothing else I'd rather do, and there is no question I was made for this work. There have been lessons though; lessons around my worth, my truth, and being bold. Lessons every intuitive, heart-centred, creative soul has to learn to step into who they really are; lessons I’m here to guide you through.

What are your dreams? What kind of change do you want to see?

What's keeping you from showing up in the world authentically?

It’s my role to start the conversation and share the skills you’ll need, but I need you to be honest with me.

Because we need you.

The real you.

The you that doesn't fit in because it's not supposed to.

The you who trusts herself and the work she’s here to do.