the diary of an empath, about me


I'm Robin,

A social worker from the East Coast of Canada.

Turns out I'm also an Empath.

And no.

It's not something I talk about in my day-to-day.

But being told I was an Empath and having someone validate my sensitivity to energy changed EVERYTHING; for the first time I wasn't strange, weak or woo. I was deeply intuitive with a conscious connection to the non-physical.

The diary started as a blog in late 2016 after graduating social work school and realizing the gifts I was given had very little to do with the social work jobs advertised on the job boards I was searching. I had always known I had something important to do and everything about the work I was supposed to do (by society's standards) felt confining to me.

I found myself in the real world, realizing how much the real world didn't get me.

Or others like me.

So I started a site to use what I knew about power dynamics to out the social conditioning that has kept the game-changing small. Because we aren't small and I was tired of Empaths being misinformed and their intuitive gifts and heart-centered visions being downplayed and ignored.

I went against the grain and started a conversation that mattered. 

And turns out it really did matter!

Because since then, this space has turned into a thriving Empath hub where I get to support, encourage and uplift thousands of Empaths all over this world.

And it's the most beautiful thing, because there is nothing else I'd rather be doing. 

And there is no question I was made for this work.

There have been lessons though, lessons every Intuitive has to overcome to step into who they really are.

Lessons I'm here to guide you through.


I teach through being and believe in the power authentic storytelling has in normalizing difficult things, and it's my highest intention that sharing my wounds so vulnerably helps you understand and work with yours.


And I don't believe Empaths are perfect, selfless or spiritual saints.

I believe we are human with human traits. We are wayshowers, healers and conscious souls with shadow sides, deep wounds and a beautiful Ego. Here to bring our service-based hearts into alignment with our ego-driven dreams to bring healing to this planet how we agreed.


Tell me:

What are YOUR dreams? 

What kind of change do YOU want to see?

What's keeping YOU from showing up in the world authentically?

It's my purpose to start the conversation and share the skills you'll need.

But I need you to be honest with me.

Because we need YOU.

The real you.

The you that doesn't fit in because it's not supposed to.





My primary Empath type is Claircognizant; I pick up on the energy of thought patterns and just 'know' things. This is why it's easy for me to see to the core of a person and pinpoint their limiting beliefs.

When I was born, Chiron was in Leo, meaning I'm here to conquer self-esteem and shine brightly. My Midheaven (life purpose/career path) is in Cancer, making social work and steadying the emotional lives of others the perfect match for me. 

I'm also a Lifepath 1 with 4s and 9s in my chart, making me a Revolutionary Humanitarian who's deepest desire is to feel grounded and experience real-world security.

And! My personality type is INFJ-P which sums up everything.


Robin is an advocate for Empaths and their unique set of energetic and emotional needs.

She serves Empaths worldwide in recognizing their Intuitive gifts and stepping into their calling. Prior to her work with thediaryofanempath.com, she worked as a social worker in formal mental health care.

She lives in eastern Canada and currently mentors Empaths 1:1 and offers Empath-specific self-study programming. Including a popular Journalling Course designed to fast-track Empaths through the four lower chakra lessons every Empath has to learn to step confidently into their calling.