the diary of an empath

a Journaling Course for empaths


ready to make being an empath a good thing? know you came here for a reason and feel the pull to heal what’s holding you back from your calling?


Join me for six weeks of soul-centered journaling


Where we’re going to work through what holds you back, including ancestral patterns, childhood imprints, healer wounds and unconscious beliefs. In addition to six weeks of transformational journaling prompts, you’ll also receive tips, tools and healing support for creating a life that finally feels like yours.

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As an empath I’ve walked the path you’re walking


I had the ‘aha’ moment that changed everything, and then lost days to the internet trying to understand what it meant to be an empath and how my ‘gifts’ could help others and not just drain me; hiding my computer screen in fear my loved ones would think I was crazy if they knew what I was researching. I also lost myself in the hurt and fear of the planet, wanting so badly to fix systems and heal people until my over-giving gave out on me and I found myself on the floor, burnt out and unable to change much of anything. Especially when I made my good work my life’s work but didn’t feel good enough to get paid for the work I was doing.

I’ve felt alone in knowing I came to earth with a mission; and built strong walls around my thoughts, dreams and abilities to avoid being seen as who I really was, trying hard to silence my inner voice and fit myself into the life others planned for me.

But I’ve also experienced the other side of things.
The side where things aren’t so challenging and being an empath is a beautiful thing. An honourable thing. Something worth celebrating! Where it’s safe to be who you are and possible to have control of your life and energy. Be helpful and serving, but not martyr yourself, your livelihood, or the lifestyle you’re wanting. A side where you get to live your purpose and share your dreams without fear of being judged for living authentically. And it’s my role at this time to share what I’ve learned through my own awakening so you too can know what it feels like to…

+ not be so drained by everything
+ watch your dreams manifest into reality
+ love and want to share your abilities
+ be in awe of your emotions and all their messaging

&  free from the wounds keeping you from speaking your truth and impacting this world as an intuitive being.


The course was designed to get you showing up for yourself again.

Because up until this point you haven’t been

course goes live again July 22, 2019 

enrol & get started

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The Details

  • Journaling course includes six weeks of daily lessons and healing prompts, as well as end-of-week reflective prompts to cement what you’ve learned throughout the week’s content. Course also includes helpful audio clips and workshops to guide you through some of the more complex topics and tools we’ll be discussing.

  • Course content is organized by week/module (detailed below) and kept on a password protected course homepage that you can access by desktop or mobile. Password and course link is emailed to you following payment and you can bookmark the link to make the course easy to return to each day.

  • You’ll also learn the energy healing techniques I’ve learned from working with dozens of healers including Reiki Masters, Theta Healers and Intuitive Mentors to use in your own life and calling.

  • All you need is Internet access, a journal and pen, and the willingness to move through the lessons with the intention of healing. I provide everything else you’ll need, including workbooks, worksheets and guidance on how to set up your journal before you dive in.


Here’s what we’ll be covering:


Week 1 | Settling in

We start the course by prepping your journal and getting you set up with an empathic self-care routine that honours and respects your sensitive energy.


x. prep your journal

x. learn to clear, ground and protect your energy

x. discover the five basic self-care practices that make being an empath much easier

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Week two is about healing the Root Chakra and the parts of your life that have you feeling ungrounded and insecure. Together we break down your rocky foundations and rebuild them to feel safer for you. From your money to the stories you adopted in childhood, anything that keeps you in survival mode goes.

A few things we’ll cover:

x. why money is an important part of your journey and how to begin to attract more by shifting your mentality (starting with nipping the idea that money isn’t spiritual)

x. the exact tools I used to shift my financial situation and let go of the ‘starving artist’ and ‘love vs. money’ programming that kept me in poverty

x. a childhood regression that brings you back to your early years to figure out what unconscious scripts are playing out in your unconscious mind that keep you believing you’re meant to struggle here

x. a forgiveness exercise to forgive those who have hurt you and those you have hurt to lighten up your physical and energetic bodies so you can finally move forward

the empowered empath.jpg

Week 3 | Cleaning Up Your Power Leaks

Week three is about healing the Sacral Chakra and learning to draw on and respect its creativity and role in your life as a problem-solver. Cause nothing is off limits when you know your power leaks and how you give control of your life to societal and other authoritative beliefs.


x. gain insight into how you personally leak your energy (to society, culture, relationships, identity, etc.) and learn a step-by-step process for reclaiming your power

x. complete a powerful mother/father healing to free you from bloodline wounding

x. gain awareness of the power of the sacral chakra (our creativity) to manifest unlimited solutions to the problems you’re experiencing

x. learn your primary intuitive style and how you best communicate with the non-physical, so you’ll never again feel in what you’re going through and experiencing

x. understand the simplicity of manifesting


WEEK 4 | Boundaries and Self Esteem

Week four is about the solar plexus chakra, and learning to say no to what does not serve you.


x. learn how to set, communicate and maintain strong boundaries

x. address failure and what it means

x. gain a new perspective of the empath-narcissist relationship and why it’s dangerous to buy into if you want to live the life of your highest calling

x. understand why self-centred is actually self-honouring and why unconditional love is not the same as over-giving

x. learn my favourite tool for strengthening the empath intuition to keep you aligned with your higher self through all decision making (so you never make a wrong decision again)

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WEEK 5 | Practicing Authenticity

Week five is about healing the throat chakra and giving yourself permission to speak up about what you like, know, want and believe.


x. be activated into your soul mission and and learn how to talk about it with those in your day-to-day life who may or may not be at your stage of awakening

x. learn a tip that helped me stop caring what people think and better know when I was and was not living in my true authenticity

x. finally face the persecution wound that has you fearing getting in trouble so you don’t have to live in fear anymore

x. move through imposture syndrome and comparison wound that keeps you stuck and feeling like your work does not matter and you don’t have worth

x. with a bonus lesson on the different star systems and energy realms working with lightworkers and humanitarians at this time plus how to hear their guidance when it comes to your unique calling


WEEK 6 | Living Your Calling on the Earth Plane

The final week is all about bringing everything together to begin to show up here on the earth plane. Together we’ll complete a goal setting workshop (feelings to dreams) and you’ll leave with:

x. a toolkit of tips and abilities to keep your energy steady as you begin to live out your calling

x. a vision board and intention statement to help you make aligned decisions as you move forward

x. knowledge of how to break big dreams and intentions down into small goals and daily action steps so you can bring your future to life without feeling overwhelmed

x. my best tools for overcoming procrastination and the fears that keep you from acting on inspiration

x. plus in-depth understanding on why we resist what’s good for us and how to overcome your own self-sabotage


This course was created to make being an empath and aligning with your mission much easier. 

  • Instead of wondering why you’re so drained and exhausted all the time, you’ll have the tools to pinpoint and remedy the reason you’re feeling so low.

  • Instead of giving and giving of yourself, you’ll learn who and what is worth your energy and how to set and enforce boundaries with those who don’t have your best interest at heart.

  • Instead of being scared of what other people might think of you, you’ll feel confident in your abilities and excited about the opportunity you have to heal, inspire, and lead a new way of being.

  • And instead of feeling alone in what you’re going through, you’ll learn how to heal past hurts to attract soul family and open the channels to connecting more directly with your team in non-physical and the abundance of love available to us all.



I just learned I’m an empath, is this course for me? +

This course was made for you! It’s the foundation every empath needs and will provide you with all the tools and information you’ll need as you begin to navigate this journey. That said, the content is helpful for any empath who is ready to stop feeling so drained, learn to co-create their reality and finally start to love, honour and celebrate their truth and abilities. If you feel this course is the right fit for you, it is! Feelings are how our guides motivate us forward.

Do you offer payment plans? +

I do! I’ve purposely kept the price point as low as possible without being disempowering because I know how many empaths struggle with tight finances (I did too!) before the energy in their lower chakras (module two and three in this course) begins to flow. For that reason, I’ve included 2 and 3-month payment plans to reduce the financial barriers to enrolling if you feel drawn to the course. If money is your barrier, we talk in-depth about money mindset in week 2 as money does not have to be a barrier for you.

Is this course taught at a certain time each day/week? +

New lessons become available at noon EST Monday - Friday of the six weeks the course is live. I do this to make the content digestable without being too much all at once. The weekends are kept free to give you time to rest, relax and catch up if need-be! That said, you can choose to download the daily lessons and complete them when best for your personal workflow and schedule.

How much time will I have to commit to this work each day? +

It is recommended you set aside 30 minutes each day to complete the daily lesson (or download for later) and reflect in your journal. You’ll also receive instructions for two daily empath non-negotiables that take no more than 5 minutes total. Part of why the course is so powerful is because it encourages you to put yourself first (time wise) which lines the universe up to support you too. But more on that in module three and five!

Do you offer any refunds? +

Please purchase with care as all purchases made through the diary are non-refundable.

How much time will I get to spend with you through the six weeks? +

Though this course is self-study, there IS a Q + A forum to ask questions that come up as you take the course! I answer them publically for all students enrolled.


Ready to make the most of the gifts you were given?


And to make being so sensitive a good thing?




 This is perfect if you’re

  • a newly discovered empath or an empath who has been awake for a while and is now getting the push to take back control

  • ready to understand how to protect and nurture yourself as someone who is highly sensitive

  • aware we manifest our reality and are passionate about learning more about the laws of the universe and how they relate to your soul’s call

  • know you have a purpose and you’re ready to build the foundation for actually being able to live it

  • wanting to learn more about yourself to become your best self and make your spirit guides/higher self proud

This isn’t for you if you’re

  • not an empath

  • not ready to take deep responsibility for your life and how well it is/is not working out

  • feeling you should be able to heal yourself on your own - the teacher appears when the student is ready and as healers we show up in your life right on cue

  • not prepared to do what it takes to prioritize yourself and give yourself 30 minutes a day for course work

  • content with settling for a life less than what your soul signed up for

  • feeling money isn’t spiritual and resistant to investing in yourself and paying healers for their work


Some things to look forward to

robin journal.png

  • newfound confidence for who you are and why you’re here

  • self-respect for your emotional cycles and energy needs

  • insight into how to go from surviving to thriving and begin to tap into the infinite abundance we live in so money no longer holds you back from your calling

  • deep knowledge of manifestation and how to goal set your dreams to have the universe show up and support YOU

  • awareness of your unique intuitive  abilities and how you personally receive next-step guidance on your journey

  • forgiveness of childhood (and past life) wounding

  • a shifted mindset around money and material things

  • Boundaries

  • realizations of what it actually means to be an empath and tips and tools to better understand your energy as a  sensitive being

  • the know-how to stop feeling so drained

  • deeper insight into my story and the exact shifts I made to show up the way I do, and how you can make the same shifts too

  • my personal recommendations for other healers to follow and learn through


Here’s the link if you’re ready to join me!
course goes live again July 22, 2019


*By enrolling into the course, you agree you have read and understood the diary’s Terms + Conditions. 2 and 3-month payment plan payments withdrawn monthly based on date of first payment.