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What No One Tells You About Being An Empath

If you've been reading along you know that at the beginning of 2018 I decided to change everything about what I was experiencing. I was tired. I was burnt out. I was hurting. I had been told many times throughout my life that the change I believed in for the world was idealistic, and that my heart was naive, because good people don’t succeed and life has a way of forcing us off track with our dreams. And when my heart needed a break last November I let those ‘truths’ get to me. I started to believe in what other people were saying.
I felt silly for having big dreams…

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How to be a light: The aftermath of tragedy

Most people who resonate with my work also resonate with the term light worker, someone who knows they are here to bring light to this world. Though I usually lean away from that term,  when terrorist attacks and other world tragedies happen, being a lightworker becomes my reason to get out of bed. As someone with awareness of energy and the awareness for my body and mind's ability to transmute pain into hope, negativity into positivity, I have a duty to get conscious about my mindset and actions when tragedy hits. As someone drawn to this site, you do too. Being a lightworker means being a light despite the pain; it's easy to be positive and mindful when things are going well, it's a lot harder when your heart, mind, body and soul are grieving. And that's what I want to talk about today.

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8 unmistakable signs you have a specific life purpose

I'm not shy about saying I came here with something important to do. I've known it since I can remember. A feeling in my bones that I couldn't verbalize. I didn't know what it was, I just knew I was made for something specific and that I was on a timeline. In fact — this knowing is what initially brought me into the world of energy. The very first intuitive I ever met looked me in the eyes and said, "you know you came into this lifetime with work to do, you knew they needed help down here and you agreed to come back" and it brought chills because I DID know and it was the first time I felt safe acknowledging my inner call rather than pushing it aside in fear of my ego.

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a few ways I raise my vibration when feeling low

If you've heard about the law of attraction and the ability we all have to draw in what we desire, I can bet you've also heard about the importance of keeping your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions as positive as possible. While I'm all for squeezing the best out of life and feeling gratitude for this world we live in, as someone who can't help but be affected by our world I've had to think critically about what it means to keep a high vibration. Since I'm not the only sensitive person with big dreams who is using the law of attraction to intentionally create their reality, I thought I'd share some of my critical thinking with you. So let's get to it!

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What I know about living your life purpose

Being intentional about aligning with our life purpose is magical. It's also really important for shifting the nature of this world. Aligning with our purpose creates change; change in the lives of the people we are meant to meet through our purpose and change in the energetic frequency of this earth as a whole. But it isn't all breezy. The shift, the move, the change in vibration that comes with aligning with your purpose can feel uncomfortable. It can also create loss and loss feels unfair. If you're going through the confusion and the loss or you're just ready to start aligning with the purpose you know you are here to live, this post is for you.

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how to deal with being an empath

Regardless of whether or not you identify with the empath label, being intuitive and connected to the non-physical world is overwhelming. Not only do you pick up the energy of other people, you also pick up the energy of places and things, including the energy of toxic spaces and non-physical visitors. Most people who are clairsentient (another word sometimes used for empaths) live with anxiety and depression and until they realize what's really going on…

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Q & A: I think I might be an empath, how did you know for sure?

If you are resonating with the term 'empath' you are being encouraged to learn more! Being an empath means having the ability to perceive the world through feeling. Everything is energetic and empaths can tap into the thoughts and emotions of other people, animals, places, and things by physically feeling the energy behind them. I personally believe all of us have the ability to be empaths, some of us were just born more sensitive to our abilities than others. As the world continues to increase in consciousness, more and more people will become empaths. Until then, empaths will struggle because our systems aren't set up to support us...

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Why I'm an 'empath' and not 'mentally ill' <3

This space is called 'the diary of an empath' and not 'the diary of someone with mental illness'. Why? Because I made a choice to forgo a medical label and embrace a metaphysical label. A label that fit me, my experience and my needs much better. Because there is power in language, and how we define ourselves plays such a big role in our lives, I thought I would dedicate a post to labels and what they mean.

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