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A Few Ways I Raise My Vibration When Feeling Low

If you've heard about the law of attraction and the ability we all have to draw in what we desire, I can bet you've also heard about the importance of keeping your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions as positive as possible. While I'm all for squeezing the best out of life and feeling gratitude for this world we live in, as someone who can't help but be affected by our world I've had to think critically about what it means to keep a high vibration. Since I'm not the only sensitive person with big dreams who is using the law of attraction to intentionally create their reality, I thought I'd share some of my critical thinking with you. So let's get to it!

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Qs I ask myself when I feel down

At the start of my third year of university, I found myself - both literally and metaphorically - on the floor of the psychiatric wing of my local hospital. I was given multiple labels, handed a prescription for an antidepressant and after a few days sent home to rest. I respected the doctor’s expertise but there was something inside that resisted the things he claimed. Was I really mentally ill? Would a pill really help? I wasn't so sure... 

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How I Found My Purpose

Three months ago I was going through a particularly tough time. I was unmotivated, and completely uninspired. I was sad that I wasn’t living up to who I thought I should be and that I had moved back to a hometown I swore I'd never return to. I felt lost believing I wasn't "cut out" for the job I studied six (6!) years for and afraid over the thought of needing to create a new plan; one that somehow related to my field of study because of all the years I spent studying it.

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