That shitty thing you're going through is the sign you've been asking for


Yesterday I broke down. Though I didn't have a specific trigger, I know breaking down had a lot to do with weeks and weeks of being on the frontline feeling so disappointed in humanity and how we treat each other in our hustle to get by. Life can feel so hard and full of disappointment sometimes, but thankfully the friend I was with when I started losing steam 'got it' and I was able to get myself home and into a safe space to sleep and feel better. When I woke up I went for a walk and ended up crying with a panhandler on the street. And then dropped an f-bomb... or two... on my IG story.

Sometimes the full moon is no joke.

Before yesterday happened I was feeling a lot of resistance to keep going with this space. I am so passionate about normalizing energy and bettering the lives for other intuitives and want to go all in with my advocacy work but sometimes the quiet introvert in me  just wants to hide herself behind a rock and I spend a lot of time going back and fourth in my mind over whether or not I have what it takes to be on the front lines changing the way us sensitive folks are understood.

Questions like: 

Am I making a difference?

Is this even important?

Why me? 

Pass through my mind daily. 

Realizing I was an empath changed my life because it gave me permission to take my energy seriously. It allowed me to get proactive about slowing down and filling my life with people who get it and things that actually help with my mental health (energy healing, crystals, veganism, BOUNDARIES) but it wasn't always this way; I've spent a lot of my life feeling the way I felt yesterday when I shut down. And I know so many of you coming across this space still feel like that daily.

Yesterday brought me the sign I've been asking for.

Remembering the feeling of what it felt like to be numb from pain made me realize that yes what I'm doing is important and YES I'm making a difference. Not on a global scale, but in the lives and hearts of the people who come across my message and finally feel safe and aware of what's actually going on. So let's keep going with our message and let's keep working at making this world a little more accepting and a lot more safe for the sensitive souls and big hearts.

Asking for signs:

When we ask for signs they don't always come in the form of repeating numbers, angel feathers or coins. Most times they come in the form of experiences that make us think, feel and remember. If you've been asking for a sign, take note of the things you are experiencing in your life right now. What are those experiences trying to tell you?

  • If you're wanting to call in a healthy relationship but found yourself texting back and forth with someone who is a bit too slow to respond perhaps that's asking you to take note of your worth. Do you only feel worthy of people who only kind-of-sort-of care? How can you build your self-worth up to draw in that person who makes you feel as important as you truly are?
  • Do you seem to be losing everything? Or making too many mistakes? That's a sign that the universe is asking you to slow down in order to receive whatever it is you've been asking it for. 
  • Are people being overly impatient with you? The universe is probably trying to tell you to stop being so impatient with it. Or are people being really happy and upbeat around you? You need to be more like that to get what you're asking for.
  • Are you running overdraft or feeling overwhelmed about how you're going to pay your next bills? Stop and take notice, because money is value in our world and an empty bank account is a major sign that you don't yet value yourself/the work you are doing. 

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Our world is our mirror and learning to take notice and see the things you are experiencing as the signs and support you've been asking for will transform your manifestation process instantly. I preach the idea that manifestation is work, because until you get it, it really, really is. There is a lot of conditioning we need to unlearn and now that The Secret has made its way around the world, the idea that we can have whatever we want without first putting in the work is one of them. 

Whatever is happening right now holds a message. Lean in so you can hear it.