What is Clairvoyance? "Seeing Spirit"

I remember very clearly the first time I "saw" energy - it was the middle of the summer and I was running upstairs to grab a towel for my friend so we could lay on the pavement and tan. My staircase splits in two and as I was about to turn the corner to run up the second set, an image of a woman in a red dress appeared in front of me. I never got the towel and ran back downstairs to tell my siblings and friends. No one believed me - and after getting teased I decided to pretend it never happened. A few years later I was sitting on my bedroom floor upset over a breakup and feeling abandoned by my angels and guides. I remember making an ultimatum, saying "show me that you're real or I'm not going to believe in you anymore" and then opening my eyes to see a golden tunnel of light zoom in front of my face. 

That was years ago and my clairvoyant ability has increased ever since. I can sometimes see auras around people and when the lights go out I often see a show of glittery lights and shadows. Does it sound really heady? Haha, maybe! But, learning to to trust what I'm seeing as clairvoyance ability rather than dismissing it as being unreal, by default of not fully understanding it, has made me a stronger, more resilient and more trusting person. And I wouldn't change that for anything! 

Clairvoyance isn't often talked about outside of metaphysics, but for people who are sensitive and visually tapped into the energetic nature of our world, it's important we talk about it. Science may not yet be able to understand or rationalize clairvoyant experiences, but that doesn't mean they aren't real.


Clairvoyance is so much more than seeing ghosts and using crystal balls. It's usually much more subtle like noticing visual patterns or catching something fly by your peripheral. Below are three subtle ways clairvoyance shows up in my life. If you're not (...yet) seeing apparitions or auras, it doesn't mean you aren't clairvoyant. You could be highly clairvoyant and simply missing signs because they aren't as direct as you imagined they might be. 

1. Repeating numbers

Have you ever noticed a series of numbers? 111, 222, that sort of thing? These are repeating numbers: numbers that repeat in your life when the universe wants to prepare you for something, nudge you in a certain direction, or answer a question you've asked. There wouldn't be enough time in the day to list all the eerie ways repeating numbers have shown up in my life but I will share three stories that stand out as being significant. 

1. Last summer I started seeing a lot of 222s, a number believed to mean "keep the faith". Though I couldn't deny the 222s in my life (I saw enough of them to google their meaning!), part of me was skeptical that the universe could actually send messages. One day during a Reiki session I decided to ask the Reiki Master about her opinion on the numbers. We talked about them being reassurance that things in my life were about to look up, but I was still skeptical. As I was leaving the Reiki Master's house a car with the license plate 222 passed by and drove in front of me until I turned to pull onto my street - a whole 20 minute drive! I got the message loud and clear. 

2. A couple months later I was in Scotland feeling a bit unsure about returning to university in the fall. Feeling more confident in my guides I asked to be shown three 222s if everything was going to be OK. I looked up and noticed a car approaching me with 222 on its front plate. I laughed and said "thank you" wondering if I would see 2 more. Just then another car pulled out with the exact same thing: 222 on the front plate. I didn't need a third 222... I was understanding my guides loud and clear. I went about my day and that night while thinking "huh, I haven't seen a third 222 yet" I stepped out into the crosswalk to see a 222 plate coming straight at me. 

3. When things got confusing earlier this year I asked my guides to send me "777" if things were going to work out. I don't know why I chose 777, it was just the number that came to mind when I was asking. I left my house for the grocery store and as I walked up to the door noticed a car with the license plate 777. The car RIGHT in front of it? A 777 plate too. It was reassuring, to say the least. 

2. Colour lights:

Since opening up to the realm of angels by telling people about my experiences and learning more about them, they have started to communicate with me through sudden colour flashes in my mind's eye. If I'm worried about something, thinking about what to do next or confused over how I should approach a situation, I am often "visited" by a flash of colour. I wouldn't have thought much about it until I started to notice the colours were relating to certain Archangels and the things I was thinking about at the time. ** For me Angels are "helper energies" that feel very peaceful and loving, not an entity with a face and wings.

The colour I see the most is blue, the colour of  Archangel Michael, one of the main angels I work with. But last night I saw yellow - which was strange because I had never saw yellow before. It turns out yellow is associated with Archangel Josephine, the angel who helps people think in enlightening ways, recognize how valuable they are, and overcome unhealthy thought patterns. Which was perfect because I had been watching Zoella's youtube channels, wishing I was more like her and feeling shitty about my website and how far I had to go with my blogging dream. Seeing the yellow spark as I closed my eyes reminded me to stay in my lane and just be me.

3. Dreams:

I've had prophetic dreams since I was very young and over the past few years they have become more common. Time and time again I will dream about someone I haven't talked to in a while and wake up knowing they are going to contact me. This happened this summer when an ex reached out for the first time since we broke up. I had a dream the night before where him and I we were sitting in a park having a conversation. I also have dreams about world events. The night of the Orlando shooting I woke myself up from a dream about a mass shooting (which would have been the exact time the shooting was taking place). I had a strong feeling the dream was related to real life and felt as if a story about the shooting would be on the news. I went back to sleep and when I woke up again a few hours later news about Orlando was all over Facebook. (Not all prophetic dreams are this upsetting but I wanted to share my experience in case there is someone out there experiencing a similar thing. It can feel as if you are somehow responsible for tragedies because you in a way had "foreknowing" about them - but this is not true. You are not responsible for the pain others choose to inflict on humanity. It's taken me a long time to realize that.) 

One of my favourite ways to work with my clairvoyance in my dream state is to ask my angels and guides to answer a question for me while I sleep. The answer always comes when I'm willing to sit and think about the dream and what they were trying to show me. The other night I asked to meet the animal totem working with me at this stage of my life and in my dream I was handed a box with a porcupine in it. The next morning I looked up the meaning of the porcupine and was shocked at how relevant it was to my life. 

Other cool ways my intuition shows up clairvoyantly is through symbolic patterns. I often see names of people I know repeated multiple times in strange places before running into them. Or I find myself saying "that guy looks like so and so" only to see so and so a few blocks over. When it comes to manifestation, clairvoyant signs (an increase in Déjà vu or seeing multiples of whatever I am looking to manifest) tend to show up as the manifestation gets close. 

Have you noticed any of these things in your own life? If so, you're tapping into your clairvoyance. If you aren't yet experiencing any of these things, know that everyone has the ability to develop clairvoyant skills - some people are just more natural at it. Making the intention to improve your clairvoyance is an excellent place to start. Start speaking the affirmation "I am profoundly clairvoyant" and then working to notice the visual world around you. What colours surround you right now? How many shades of blue? Red? White? Green? What about textures? How many different textures can you see in your immediate surroundings? Getting specific about what surrounds you opens up your visual awareness and helps open your clairvoyant skills. Another fun way to build clairvoyance is to keep a dream journal - when we sleep our logical minds rest and our subconscious mind is free to explore the non-physical world. Recalling information from dreams strengthens the right brain, which in turn strengthens clairvoyance.

Are you clairvoyant?
Or a different type of intuitive? Knowing is so helpful to your journey as an empath.