Head in the clouds? The importance of grounding for sensitive folk

The reason I've been MIA and not posting any blogs  is because I've been immersed in all things Extra Terrestrial! Pleiadians (my fav), Reptilians, Acturians, Zetas, ... anything and everything to do with Starseeds, Hybrids, and Aliens. 


I'm a researcher and I have a very inquisitive mind, so when I get hooked into something I resonate with I put all my energy into learning about that something that I forget to come up for air. When that something involves the supernatural I can get my head so far in space that I forget to nurture my connection here on Earth... to the point where I become VERY ungrounded and start forgetting about our physical world... and things like eating, sleeping, and writing posts. I can create a whole world in my own head and live there until I am forced to come out. 

But I believe I've incarnated on earth at this time to experience human life... to be a living, breathing, human being and when I'm too lost in the cosmos, trying to figure everything out, I'm forgetting to just BE. My love for all things supernatural/philosophical is not going anywhere, so I need to be conscious of my tendency to get "too in my head" by putting more effort into my footing here on earth. 

Since I'm not alone in this, I thought I'd share a few things I've been doing to ground myself so I can pursue my fascination with all things supernatural in a healthy, balanced way. One of the most important things I've learned since realizing I was an empath was that I'm naturally inclined to spend time in my upper chakras; my head and my heart. This is beautiful in many ways - it's how I am able to deeply connect others and maintain my relationship with with the non-physical world.  But too much time in the upper chakras and not enough time minding the lower chakras can lead to overthinking, obsessing and anxiety. When I start to feel these things coming on I get intentional about getting back into my body and nurturing my lower chakras and my connection to this physical world.

1. Make art

When I get a bit too *spacey* I take out my art supplies and create. Using the physical body to create is VERY grounding. If you don't like arts and crafts, use your hands in some other way. Could you go outside and gather things to create a collection? Could you bake something from scratch? Get creative with how / what you can create!

2. Talk to family

It's far too easy to distance yourself from the people you love when you start 'awakening'. Oftentimes (as it was in my family) you will be the first one to awaken... and the concepts / ideas / theories that begin falling into your awareness are considered strange or woo woo to those nearest you. While it may be really frustrating to not have anyone to talk with about supernatural things, it's also a blessing. As a human being you are meant to live day to day life and have conversations about mundane things (like what to have for supper, your gym routine, etc.). Having surface level exchanges / conversations with your loved ones keeps you grounded. 

Instead of seeing a family member or friend as "someone who doesn't understand" - be grateful that they are in your life to help you remember to be the human BEING you came here to be.  

3. Get out in nature

My love for nature only started when I began awakening. Before that I would do anything, ANYTHING to stay indoors. I don't think this is a coincidence (cause I don't think anything is a coincidence) because nature is grounding. Connecting with nature (by taking a walk, hanging with an animal, or even eating root veggies or a salad) is grounding, because it reminds you of the here and now, of the physical nature of human life.  

4. Exercise... especially when you don't want to

Exercise does more than strengthen your heart. It moves your energy and awareness back into your body. My sister and I started running every night at 9pm (the program we are using is Couch to 5K if there are any other running wannabes out there) and it's been amazing for my mindset! Having a structured time EACH DAY to get back into my body makes it easier for me to do the heady stuff (the research, the meditation, the connection) with the rest of my day.  

To reap the grounding effects, it's so important to be mindful of your body as you exercise. Feel each foot make contact with the ground, be mindful of your legs as they propel you forward, focus on how it feels to breathe. 

5. Use essential oils

Laura from Health Mafia gave me a root chakra essential oil blend of patchouli, black better, lavender, vetiver and grapeseed oil. The smell is grounding and brings my conscious back to earth in seconds. Smell is a powerful mechanism for realigning our energy. 

Other things that help are to surround yourself in reds, oranges and yellows. It also helps to eat root veggies or wear a big heavy sweater or blanket. All of these things symbolically (and in the case of the sweater/blanket physically) anchor us into the present moment. 

What do you do to keep your feet on the ground when your head and heart is in the clouds? I'd LOVE to know! And alsooo... if any part of you is interested in anything ET check out Gigi Young. She makes everything to do with aliens / alien contact relatable and... fun. 

Enjoy your Monday! 👽