Power Places: Why the places you are drawn to are NOT random

During my very first intuitive reading (way back in 2013) the reader told me my soul would lead me to a country in Europe, not to visit, but to live there, learn the language and fully immerse myself in the culture. At the time of the reading I had no interest in travel. I hated airplanes and wanted my feet firmly on the ground.

Fast forward a few years and I booked a trip to Scotland with some friends. Around the same time I scheduled a reading with an Angel Intuitive I was drawn to - to make sure the trip would be safe and all. She kept picking up on travel, so I told her my plans to travel to Scotland, but she was convinced she was picking up on something else, on me travelling to a place in Europe and living there... but that my trip to Scotland was meant to happen because while in Scotland I would meet someone, a guy, who would play a big part in changing my mind on living abroad.

Like the first reading I took her words with a grain of salt and confirmed that I didn't have any plans to live in a foreign country. 

Here's where things get cool: 

During my trip to Scotland I was introduced to a friend's friend who lived in Sweden! A country I had heard about, but never really considered visiting. But as the Angel Intuitive said, meeting a Swede made me fall in love with Sweden! The people, the culture, everything. And all of a sudden the girl who thought she would never live abroad was applying to her Masters in Sweden. 

I declined my offer to study in Sweden. But interestingly, the pull to live in Scandinavia has remained. The more I try to fight it, the harder it works to stay part of my life. I've noticed that anything to do with travelling to Sweden flows easily (opportunities are coming up left right and centre), and anything related to staying in Canada is frustratingly slow. It's as if the universe is conspiring to get me to Sweden, and doing everything in its power to make sure I don't get too comfortable here in Canada.  

Which brings me to power places, places on earth (countries, cities, specific landscapes) that contain frequencies that our soul needs to grow. Or re-experience because we have lived there in a past life and our soul longs to feel certain feelings associated with the specific place. 

"Many times our power places are locations we love. They bring us a feeling of home even though we may have never actually lived there. These places are powerful because they hold space for us to relax and blossom into who we truly are. It is not uncommon for us to have past life connections to these areas, a type of place where we once thrived, or felt a lot of love, will still echo to us in this life. Not unlike an old concert hall that still still buzzes with music long after it’s doors have closed. We will be drawn to these areas like a moth to a flame to re-ignite those feelings. To once again know what we knew then in this body, in this time."

-Gigi Young, Moonbird

I'm convinced Sweden is one of my power places. The pull to visit is too strong for it not to be. I go back and fourth over whether or not I truly want to live in Sweden (my fearful, anxious, rational side), but I can't help but notice the unavoidable excitement I feel within my heart whenever I come across anything associated with Sweden / Scandinavia. 

If you're feeling something similar, a strong pull to a different country that you simply cannot explain - perhaps it's a power place that your soul is longing to visit. The soul knows, and there might very well be something you can only experience/integrate if you make the trip. 

Beautiful stockholm Sweden. Photo By: MONA LOOSE/IMAGEBANK.SWEDEN.SE

Beautiful stockholm Sweden. Photo By: MONA LOOSE/IMAGEBANK.SWEDEN.SE

So I'll leave you with this:

"Trust your heart as it pulls you to certain places. These places externally that represent exact internal shifts that you need at this time. Trust the coincidences that draw you to new familiar lands. There are keys and secrets waiting for you within the resonance of this Earth, ones you have left behind to eventually pick up again."

-Gigi Young, Moonbird

Do you feel a particular draw to a certain place? It might be more than a desire to travel. Lean into it and get creative about how you can make the trip!