Weekend Recap: Synchronicity & trusting what you know to be true

Incase ya didn't know, I believe everything and everyone is connected, and that spirit uses other people to deliver messages and nudge us into situations that lead us to our purpose, help us grow, and push us along the path we came here to travel. When someone suggests I watch a video, read a book, or attend an event, I take it as an assignment from spirit, a divine redirection of sorts. Learning to trust these interactions and follow what is suggested has brought me to people, lessons, and ideas that have collectively changed my life.  

My biopulse reading :)

SO when my sister and I ran into the lady who does my Reiki treatments and she (out of the blue) suggested we both attend a Life Expo a few towns over this Saturday, I knew we needed to go. I didn't know why, but I knew there was someone / something there we needed to meet / learn.  

And I was right! The day brought so much validation. So much encouragement. So much guidance. And perhaps an important message for you too. 

Synchronicity #1

On the drive up my sister and I were talking about our frustration with a medical system built on corruption. Both of us feel angered by what is taught as truth, and want (so desperately) a healthcare system that speaks openly and honestly, and values the human life over dollars. For me this means recognition of energy sensitivity and the impact energy has on mental health. I want to see energy education and energy assessments at the forefront of our mental healthcare system, and empaths and others who are highly sensitive to energy understood for who they are instead of being diagnosed with a DSM label and prescribed a pill. For my sister this means something completely different, but similar none the less. 

Fast forward a few hours and we were sitting in front of someone who started a conversation with us about the exact same thing! The three of us started talking about the human body and connecting over criticism for the foods we eat and the medications we are prescribed and how they are numbing us and shutting down our ability to feel and connect with one another and the greater universe, which only serves to keep us small (the exact conversation my sister and I had in the car on the drive to the Expo). Not only did this conversation excite me, and bring me tons of hope, it made me realize there are like-minded people out there and that I'm not alone in my thoughts. The lady was wonderful and touched on so many of the things my sister and I only dared to talk about in the safety of our own home.

Synchronicity 2:

Prior to sitting with this lady talking about our health care system and all of the things dear to our heart, we both had our biopulses done (that's mine in the photo above - the white above my head means a very strong connection to the higher realms) and the lady who did my reading stopped mid reading and said:

"I'm being told by my guides to tell you something... but I don't know why. Do NOT forget who you are, and what you're here to do. If you ever find yourself questioning it, because of something someone says, look in mirror at your eyes. Your eyes tell the truth, and they will help you remember again. No matter what anyone says, you need to speak your truth. Look in your eyes if you forget. "

This isn't the first time I've been told that I'm here to do *big things* (things that will be criticized - and that I should look in my eyes when I start to forget) but the timing did freak me out because during the conversation about healthcare a few minutes later, the lady we were talking with said something that really challenged my beliefs about who I am and what the social movement I want to create. I won't get into the details, but what she said was something to the effect that "empaths" and "energy sensitivities" were cop outs for people who "just didn't want to do things". Not only did this hurt me personally because I push myself everyday to get out in the world, it also made me question what I planned to do with my future... and what her words meant for my site that was quite literally directed at empaths and energy sensitivity. Because the lady had initially said so many things I resonated with, it was tough to hear her (unknowingly) criticize me and my work.

And part of me temporarily took what she said as truth. Thankfully though, something in my gut resisted and I was brought right back to the lady who did my biopulse and the words her guides wanted me to hear. I have spent the past 24 years finding my voice, and I was not going to let one person's opinion take it, no matter how awesome she was and how much we had in common. 

The take away:

The whole situation made me realize the importance of believing in who I am and what I'm here to do - even when someone says something that shakes what I know to be true. Far too often we get wrapped up and dragged down by what other people believe is right/what the dominant worldviews are, and that can lead us off our path. It's often easier to conform than to stand in our truth, but the better we learn to listen to our inner voice and trust in what we know to be true, the easier our lives will be. 

While I believe we all share the same purpose in being here on earth at this time to grow and give back to the world as a whole, how we do that is unique to each of us. Everything I have been given in this life (my body, my personality, my skills, my life experiences, my mentors, my education) is unique to my purpose. Though I share many traits with other people, no one has the combination of traits that I have - which means no one else can do what I came here to do. The lady who shook my beliefs did not have ill intentions, just a different life path than me. And it's very, very important that I realize that, especially as I prepare to birth this blog into the world where it will be exposed to people and their judgements. 

Being at the Life Expo not only reinforced that sharing my views on energy sensitivity and its role in mental health is exactly what I am meant to be doing - but also the importance of staying true to my mission even when things get tough. 

And here's what I hope you take from my experience:

You will spend your whole life being told what you should do and what you should believe. And you will be judged if you decide to live your life in a way that falls outside the norm. Follow your heart anyway. If you are reading this blog, you know there is more to this life than we are conditioned to believed and that gives you the awareness to be a leader. Being a leader means the world hasn't caught up, which means you will be a glowing target for criticism. Lead anyway. 

By choosing to trust in yourself and follow your heart, your light gets brighter.  The brighter the light, the easier you make it for others to find their way through the darkness. 

Happiest of Mondays



PS. If you're interested in learning more about the truth behind our current healthcare system or anything we don't learn in school, check out Gaia.com. It's like a Netflix for us folk seeking the truth. It comes with a monthly fee - but it is TOTALLY worth it. Share the subscription with a friend!

And as with anything - take what resonates and leave the rest.