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Something very specific to your soul and skill-set that you incarnated to do. 

the empowered empath


And the reason you feel so unfulfilled in the life you're living is because your spirit is holding you accountable.


Because no matter how committed you are to living your purpose, there seems to be a lot standing in the way of it becoming a real-world thing.


Deep insecurity.

Lack of money.

Fear of what your family and loved ones might think.

So you push your dreams aside.

Quiet your inner vision. 

Pass your ideas off as wishful thinking.

Give in.

(To a job that's a misfit.)

(To someone else's idea of who you're supposed to be.)

Give up.

(To the illusion that following your heart just isn't working.)

And settle for a life that feels meaningless to you and your Inner Being.


You've dabbled in the Law of Attraction, know an amazing life is on the other side of aligning your energy and have been told you can do anything.

And though it's all inspiring, you don't want to do anything.

You want to do that ONE thing.

Well actually, many things.

Because you want to live your purpose AND be healthy and happy and safe financially.



And if you want to be living your purpose you need to be in the energy of someone who has already accomplished what you're wanting.

Someone who not only understands your deep need to be of service but also has the knowledge, skill-set and strategy to streamline the process of you living your purpose comfortably. 

Someone who knows what is really holding you back from successfully living your calling:

+ karmic blocks

+ childhood wounding

+ Chiron in your birth chart

 + resistance to your North Node

+ old-paradigm thinking

+  past-programming

+ an inability to set boundaries

+ a mistrust towards money

& the specific clearing and mindset work you need to do to overcome what's keeping you from a much better reality.


My name is Robin.

And I'm a social worker who specializes in the Empath journey, here to support my fellow Empaths in honouring their truth and manifesting their dreams.

But I wasn't always this confident in my skill-set and expertise. 

 I knew I had a purpose since I was little but I wanted to live it secretly. I wanted to change lives in a big way but I didn't want to be seen. I wanted to 'do the work' but not really.

Because showing up the way I knew I was supposed to show up PETRIFIED ME.

I was also afraid I'd never make money. That the people I love would disown me. That I'd be viewed negatively. Or hurt somebody with my knowing and beliefs.

But, as an Empath I have a set path and the need to show up and live out my calling kept pulling at me. And because I was ignoring my truth, making excuse after excuse for not living my dreams...

I'm not good enough, I don't know enough...

There is someone more suited than me, "spiritual" gifts don't make money...

I'm afraid to be seen, people will think I'm crazy...

... life sent me through a series of rockbottoms to remind me that though scary, the work I was called to do was non-negotiable because there were people waiting on me. So I surrendered, got honest and started doing the inner work to overcome what was limiting me. Not because it was easy, but because I had enough of rock bottom to know avoiding my path would be a lot more challenging.

(If you've been avoiding your truth and experiencing a series of rockbottoms, you know what I mean.)


So I confronted my deepest insecurities.

Worked through my feelings of inferiority.

Started to value my skill-set and the gifts I was given.

Began disproving the 'money isn't spiritual' story.

Faced past-lives of persecution.

Realized the responsibility I had to shift the 'crazy' script and upgrade society.


And then things began to change.

I started to believe in me.

Friends and family started showing up to support me and my vision.

I started making money just by being me!
(I will never forget the moment I first woke up to over $1k in my PayPal account and realized I was a social worker who just made $1288.16 in her sleep. Talk about paradigm-shifting.)

I started to feel less afraid.

Less embarrassed for being different.

Less held back by insecurity. 



And having the courage to do the inner work (the confronting, the valuing, the disproving, the facing, the realizing) pulled me into my lower chakras to clean out my Masculine blocks so I could show up more a balanced, empowered and impactful being.

My friends:


That's an outdated way of thinking.

Successfully living the life of your heart's service-based dreams simply requires you dip into your lower chakras and balance your energy system.

It requires you step out of your comfort zone and do the inner work to pull a bit of your energy from your higher 'Feminine' chakras (that big heart of yours) and into your lower 'Masculine' chakras to gain the skill-set you need to overcome real world things.

Like insecurity.


Judgement towards money.

Our world is in the process of shifting into a global Matriarchy and if you were drawn to my work and the Empath label, you incarnated with beautiful gifts to facilitate this change.

The world is getting more kind, caring and collaborative because of people like you and me.

We are slowing down. 

Holding space.

 Recognizing the importance of intuition.

And becoming more loving.

Because we are allowing our spirits to lead.

But we still live in a Patriarchy.

We still live in a world that values Masculine things.

We still live on a 3D planet.

A planet of action and physicalities, not dreams and wishful thinking.

And to follow our hearts into our purpose we need to be proactive in calling in our inner Masculine to support our inner Feminine in leading.

We need to learn self-confidence.



How to love and care for our bodies.

How to make and manage money.



That's how us Empaths get ourselves in the game.

That's how we go from barely scraping by (mentally, emotionally, physically, financially) to loving who we are and the life we get to lead...  while ALSO making an impact and showing up for our purpose how we agreed.


A 6-week guided journalling course designed to fast-track Empaths through the four lower chakra lessons every Empath has to learn to step confidently into their calling.


(payment plans below)

the empowered empath

the empowered empath

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audio and video lessons 

empowered empath

weekly journalling prompts delievered to your inbox



Why being selfish is a good thing!

Why strong intuitive abilities are a natural consequence of healthy self-esteem.

Why insecurity is the reason you have poor boundaries.

Why you're hardwired for authenticity and how to tap into that hardwiring.

Why having success and a lot of money is necessary for your soul journey.

+ so much more.

The course covers the seven earth-based chakras (Root through Crown) with special attention to the bottom three (plus Throat, the sister chakra of the Sacral) as those are the Masculine chakras us Empaths struggle with most when it comes to successfully living our calling. 


Mod. 1. Empath Non-Negotiables

Mod. 2. Root Chakra - Security and Foundations

Mod. 3. Sacral Chakra - Personal Power

Mod. 4. Solar Plexus Chakra - Self-Worth and Boundaries

Mod. 5. Throat Chakra - Authenticity

Mod. 6. Empowered Goal Setting

*In the final week we do maintenance work on the Heart, Third Eye and Crown in our Goal Setting Workshop to nurture those energies and ensure your entire system is flowing smoothly.

The course is designed to shake up your subconscious.

To be high impact in a short amount of time.

To fast-track you through years of inner work by surfacing childhood/past life wounding for clearing.

Because we need you. 


A you who is succeeding at what you were called here to do.

empowered empath


Honest truth, it won't always be! As you'll learn - money is a reflection of our self-worth and mine is growing daily, so the price will grow alongside me. 



Nope! The course is designed for those on the front lines of real life who are busy! The modules will pop into your inbox weekly but you can save the course pages to your computer and download the prompts/assignments to your own device and save them for when you're ready.



If you're drawn to my energy/work/vision and you're tired of knowing you have a purpose but not living it, trust that spirit led you to me for a reason. 



The external world is a reflection of the internal world, and if you want your world (and THE world) to change you have to first do the work within.



Yes! As Empaths we live in our higher chakras so we tend to lean into the idea that the future is set in stone - and that's only one half of the story. The other half is that we've been given freewill to follow our desires and manifest our dreams.

So that's what we do via journalling!



Ha! No! It's probably MORE effective if you aren't already journalling because that's a sure sign you're too much in your head and heart and need to come down into your body. It's effective either way. <3

the empowered empath
empowered empath
Is it possible your course is getting more and more powerful as it goes along? I did the creative receiving exercises for attracting more money and being a thriving independent artist and just THIS AFTERNOON one of my friends asked me to record one of his compositions - for pay! Talk about instant manifestation.
— Clarissa
Did the first day of the journaling course and feel like I am floating on a cloud! My body is vibrating at a frequency I haven’t felt before and I love it. I can almost hear it like all my cells are singing a little happy song - sounds crazy but it’s true! I already feel a radical shift in my life. I am so excited to see the challenges and shifts that I go through in the next 6 weeks. I already knew this was a great investment and now I am so certain of it.
— Michaela
Robin! I am so grateful for your journalling course! I can feel myself changing for the better - I am stronger. I am happier.
— Jenna
I honestly don’t even recognize the person I was at the beginning of the journaling course. It just almost feels like I was clinging to a life raft in the middle of the ocean. Not quite ready to fully commit to getting in it yet. That’s the image that comes to mind when I think of who I was when the course started. And now, I feel like a regal goddess strutting my stuff down a runway.
— A.


If you're an Empath ready to stop procrastinating and FINALLY tap into the self-love, self-confidence and self-empowerment you need to move into your lower chakras and show up how you're meant to, join me for 6-weeks of fast-tracked healing.


* If you have a code, email me directly robin@thediaryofanempath.com so I can give you access to the course. <3

empowered empath



Module 1 | Empath Non-Negotiables

Because a self-care routine is imperative to knowing your center and having the energetic space to absorb the information of the EE Journalling Course, we start the course by setting you up with a daily self-care routine, including two of my favourite Empath Non-Negotiables: ‘Clear, Ground, Shield’ and Heart and Womb Breathing. As you go about the course you will add to your base routine with exercises you pick up through the following modules. 

Module 2 | Foundations and Security

This module is all about getting honest about your foundations and security needs. And yes, we are talking about money, because without money you cannot make change. We deep-dive into why Empaths have a lack mindset and debunk the myths Empaths have bought into to change your financial situation to move you from surviving to thriving so you are more than supported along your journey. We also talk about past-life and childhood wounding; two types of wounds that are kept in our Root Chakra and impact our sense of of safety as we navigate our day-to-day.

Module 3 | Personal Power

This module is all about you understanding the simplicity of manifestation and how you are self-sabotaging your potential with a victim mentality. The Sacral Chakra also governs relationships so we confront your lack of personal belief and how you unknowingly (and knowingly) seek validation from others to own your desires and live your dreams.

Module 4 | Self-Worth and Esteem

This module is all about boundaries and how they are less about wanting to support other people and more about a lack of self-esteem. We get real about the importance of saying NO to everything and anything that doesn’t resonate with your Inner Being. We also revisit the past-life and childhood wounding from Module 2 to clear up any remaining issues keeping you from knowing your worth and living in a way that embodies a sense of strong esteem.

Module 5 | Authenticity

This module is all about getting crystal clear on what authenticity means. On who you are really, by clearing out past-conditioning and governing voices that aren’t in celebration of who you incarnated to be. We also welcome in the energy of the Third Eye to challenge present-day power dynamics keeping you from living unapologetically.

Module 6 | Empowered Goal Setting

In the final module we compile the lessons of the previous five weeks (all that journalling) to bring forth a new you through Empowered goal setting. By this point you have a strong idea for who you are and who you are wanting to be, and you’ve started doing the inner work to overcome the blocks you have to a new you physically manifesting… and this module is about making it a reality.

To take all the theory and make it a tangible thing.

We drop back into Module 1’s Self-Care Plan and map out (and schedule in) purpose-specific actions into your new Empowered daily routine. This Module also teaches hacks to productivity and teaches you why commitment to your purpose needs to be a daily thing.



If you're ready to stop being the only thing keeping you from a much better reality & the life of purpose you want to be living, grab your journal and join in!





Still not sure? Here's a complimentary peek at the course's welcome letter to give you a feel for my energy and what it is we'll be doing with all that journalling.