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The beginning of my journey into crystals is a bit of a blur. That whole era of my life is. I was one of many who hit rock bottom in 2012 and became interested in alternative healing practices to alleviate the pain. I don't remember exactly when I first made my way into a crystal shop or what made me decide to even want to go in the first place, but I remember very clearly holding my first crystal in my hand. It was a Rose Quartz and I’ll never forget the feeling I felt when I picked it up – a feeling of what I can only describe as unconditional love. 

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Leaning on crystals in times of loss and uncertainty soon became my norm. Experiencing rock bottom didn't end in 2012 - it continued for another three years. I was being refined and when things got bad I gravitated back to the crystal shop. I started collecting more and more beginner stones, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst and Citrine and dabbling in their uses - Black Tourmaline for protection, Amethyst for enhancing my intuition and Citrine to attract abundance. I learned about Feng Shui and the chakra system to better place the stones in my home and on my body. Slowly I shared my collection with friends and loved ones and started receiving even more crystals as gifts; I was always amazed at how perfectly each crystal's properties aligned with what was going on in my life at the time - it was as if the person gifting the crystal tapped into my needs and the crystal's properties to make the match!

Over the years I've also given away a lot of the crystals I've collected - to family members, friends and and clients when they were growing through similar things the crystals helped me through. I’ve also physically lost a few along the way. Crystals are funny like that – when their energy is no longer needed they will carry themselves back to the earth or find their way to someone who needs them. 

Today I keep crystals on my window sill, on the ledge of my bathtub, under my bed, in my pockets, in my wallet and the rest in a beautiful dish on my kitchen table. When I feel sad, anxious or restless I pick up Yellow Moonstone and hold it in my hand until the feelings subside. When I feel my energy getting cloudy I sit with Selenite under my feet or lay a Black Tourmaline beside me while I meditate. I put Rose Quartz in my bath (and wear it on my finger!) to promote body love and place a Blue Kyanite on my computer when I am about to write something scary. I put a small Azurite on my forehead to consciously connect with my intuition and carry Citrine and Pyrite, two abundance stones, when I go out shopping. My favourite though is the large Lepidolite I hold in my hand to fall asleep.

Top to bottom: Emerald (green), 2 Peacock Ore (multicoloured), Azurite (small blue), Citrine (yellow/orange), Blue Kyanite (larger blue), Blue Lace Agate (blue)

Top to bottom: Emerald (green), 2 Peacock Ore (multicoloured), Azurite (small blue), Citrine (yellow/orange), Blue Kyanite (larger blue), Blue Lace Agate (blue)

When I look at my collection I am able to piece a certain crystal to a time in my life - the pinks when I was needing to rebalance my Heart Chakra, reds when I was working on my Root Chakra and learning to ground, Clear Quartz and Selenite when I got curious about Angels and the Angelic realm. Greens (especially my beautiful emerald) when I was learning about fairies and Avalon. Yellows when I was learning to manifest and blues – blues when I was strengthening my Throat Chakra and opening up about my sensitivity and its place in our world.

Crystal energy is powerful but it's not something the Western world yet knows how to define or describe. We've gotten so disconnected from nature and its healing abilities - similar to how we've been disconnected from animals and find a vegan diet 'strange' - that we've forgotten nature's worth. For years I kept my love for crystals hidden because it didn't feel safe to talk about. I know they worked and I felt their power but I couldn't describe their power or prove their abilities - and in the West, that unfortunately makes me naive and what I believe in and experience 'not real'.  Thankfully my heart persisted and crystals have become a prominent part of my life. 

If you are interested in crystals and curious to learn more, take yourself to a shop or hop online and see which stones catch your eye or have you reaching for them.

Don't overthink it - our bodies know.

Afterwards, Google the properties, I bet they fit perfectly with whatever it is you are needing or working through. 



Want more?

Learning to work with the energy of crystals and other gemstones is life changing for Empaths, but I know when you're first starting out learning about them, all the different types and healing properties can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed!

To make it easier on you, I've added a list of my favourite crystals for newly realized Empaths in my freebie library! Here's the link to check it out. <3