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It’s Valentine’s Day and I woke up so happy for all the love in the air. The air is buzzing and I can feel it because I’m a match for it, which wasn’t always my reality. For years Valentines Day felt like expectation. For myself and the men I was dating. It felt like judgement, around capitalism and “all the ways holidays are used for profit”. It felt like comparison, especially when it came to my relationships and how we were and were not comparing to others. Or worse, comparing myself to those in relationships if I wasn’t in one.

But this year?

This year is different.

I feel love and nothing but it.

It’s a safe feeling.

It’s genuine.

And from within.

Not manufactured. Not outsourced. It’s not something someone gave me wrapped in a box or sitting in a vase. (Though I love gifts and flowers are my weakness.) It’s something I feel.

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Summer 2018

To sit here and write this took discipline.

A break from my feminine, where I have been,


Living the melodies that accompany the questioning of things.

Painting my days with the colours that make black and white reality.

Far from my usual drive to share what I was experiencing; choosing instead to slow into my own energy.

My own healing.


I let the diary fall away to chase butterflies.

Drink tea.

Notice patterns.

And heal parts of me I didn’t know needed healing.

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how i work with crystals

The beginning of my journey into crystals is a bit of a blur. That whole era of my life is. I was one of many who hit rock bottom in 2012 and became interested in alternative healing practices to alleviate the pain. I don't remember exactly when I first made my way into a crystal shop or what made me decide to even want to go in the first place, but I remember very clearly holding my first crystal in my hand.

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9 Things I've Learned About Self Love

Owning my voice and sharing my experience as a sensitive person has been monumental in my ability to accept myself. I no longer compare myself to other people or worry I'm not good enough. But it wasn't always this way. I spent the majority of my life feeling very insecure and unsure about who I was and what I wanted. True acceptance is at the heart of self-love and self-love is at the heart of a healthy, happy life, so here are a few things that have helped me grow into a person who knows herself, accepts herself, and is confident in her worth.

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A lesson in making space

I was out for a walk with my pup when she sat and posed in the fall leaves. I grabbed my phone, opened the camera app, and boom: "There is not enough available storage to take a photo." I scrambled to create space. But while I was clearing old photos from my gallery my dog moved and I missed the chance to take her pic. As annoying as it was, it was a good lesson in the importance of making space. 

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