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Q. I tend to think a lot and it's a slippery slope. Do you have any advice for coming 'back to reality' and getting out of your own head?

A. I wrote an article on this very topic this time last year when I was getting REALLY into Gigi Young's work and heading down the rabbit hole of extra terrestrials and esoterica.

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Like you, I spend a lot of time in my own head.

So much so that there are times when I think so much that I forget I have a body. It can happen when I'm home in the quiet, or even out in the streets in the middle of a busy day.

The disconnect is very real for intuitive folk so I'm glad you brought up the topic! Especially where the tendency to retreat into the energy of our upper chakras is common for folks just opening up to this energy stuff. When you are learning about high vibrational things, like empath ability and like the law of attraction, you are naturally in the upper half of your body, the same when you're overthinking a topic.

To counter that we need to force our energy back down into our roots; a process known in the metaphysical realms as GROUNDING. I talk about grounding a lot, but to give you a quick run down, we ground when we bring our awareness to the here-and-now, the present moment, what is happening as we speak.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to bring your attention to finding 7 things.

7 things that are red, 7 things that are making a noise, 7 things that have a distinct smell. Or just 7 things you can name. For me right now, it could be:

A computer
A blanket
A wood floor
A picture
A picture frame
A chimney

Another way to bring your energy down is to physically touch the earth, be it with your feet or with your hands, or by looking at something grounding like nature pictures on Pinterest.

I also love to work out or move my body in some way, like doing crafts or writing out a to-do list with a real pen and paper. Or eating something really grounding like pasta or root veggies.

Something that is also helpful is to start to recognize when you get inside your head and what that feeling feels like in your body. Do you start to feel heavy? Do you feel restless? Do you start to feel a sense of overwhelm? Write it down and start to call out that feeling when it happens. Only than can you do the 7 things or any other creative means of shifting your energy down from your higher chakras to the chakras closer to us here on Earth.

And finally, something I want you to start to consider is that the present moment is all there is.

The past and future are both an illusion. They ONLY exist in your head, which is why you re/visit them in your head. This idea is the foundation of a mindfulness practice and when you can integrate it; when you can start to catch yourself ruminating (going to the past) or future-tripping (going to the future) and intentionally remind yourself that the present moment is the only thing that is real, mindfulness becomes natural and being in your head becomes a happy experience rather than something you do too often and need to escape.

Hope this helped in some way.



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