Guided meditation + spiritual books


The writer's block has been REAL. 

But I didn't want another Tuesday to go by without a post, so hello! 

Have you been feeling the energy of the times? 

Melanie Beckler from Ask Angels sent out two beautiful mediations today. One is the Karma Cleanse, an amazing meditation for clearing negative entities that often attach themselves to those on the spiritual path. You might like it!

To help cope with the times I've also felt a need to revisit an old favourite book of mine, Many Minds Many Masters, after reading an e-mail from Belinda Davison about the importance of immersing ourselves in spiritual literature. Here's a list of Belinda's 10 Most Spiritual Books if you've been looking for a good one! Also - while you're on her beautiful site, sign up for her white light healings! So powerful.

Truly spiritual books contain a high vibration, that, when you read them, propel you into a much higher way of living. But you can’t just read them; you need to study them too. So do yourself a favour. Choose [a] book—and study and work with it.Read its passages slowly, breathing deeply and gently, and try to absorb the teachings. Re-read chapters and book mark them. Only stop reading the book when you start living it. And only then, start reading another . . . even if this takes 6 months!
— Belinda Davidson

I've also been diving head first into caring for my body with daily walks, being more strict with my veganism (over the summer I got a bit lenient on things like honey, etc.) and I'm working again to cut out sugar. I've also been detoxing with charcoal masks, visits to the sauna, lots of time in the gym to move my lymph and though heady, being strict with my thoughts by asking them to slow down and stop giving me so many ideas to write about!

Because I haven't really wanted to write.

September had me let go of some BIG identifiers in my life. A relationship, my student status, validation from Instagram etc. September was about letting go and now I'm working to recalibrate and figure out who I am without those things that told me who I was for so long.

And to do that I've been intentional about nurturing what is - the things I DO have in my life, the things I AM - and it's caused me to get back to my roots and really ground down into practicing my basics, like caring for my body and reading old books. It's also the first time in a long time I don't know what I'm striving for. I have an idea, a general vision, but nothing specific I'm trying to call in. And that plus being uncertain with my identity has made things feel off. But off is just an indicator that things need to change or things are changing, and so I'm being gentle with that until they do.

A lot of change is going to happen over the next few months. Especially around authenticity and how we all show up. So if you've been feeling that for what feels like months, know we are on the uphill (finally!) and that I'm here with you. I've been saying it for a while, but something really good is coming. We just need to keep moving through any remaining muck to get to it. So keep going!

Pay attention to your basics. In every moment ask yourself: What can I do to make THIS moment better? Not a moment in the future, not the past. The present. And be open to expansion. If a book, or meditation, or another tip, tool, lesson comes into your life, follow it. There is a lot of 5D energy entering our planet right now and we are all being asked to stay grounded but not lose sight on our soul's desire for growth.

Do you have any favourite spiritual books?

What about guided meditations?

I'd love to know.