8 Unmistakable Signs You Have a Specific Life Purpose

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I'm not shy about saying I came here with something important to do.

I've known it since I can remember.

A feeling in my bones that I couldn't verbalize. I didn't know what it was, I just knew I was made for something specific and that I was on a timeline. In fact — this knowing is what initially brought me into the world of energy. The very first intuitive I ever met looked me in the eyes and said, "you know you came into this lifetime with work to do, you knew they needed help down here and you agreed to come back" and it brought chills because I DID know and it was the first time I felt safe acknowledging my inner call rather than pushing it aside in fear of my ego.

Having a mission isn't glamorous or heroic and those called to one aren't Saints - we are just conscious that we are here for a reason outside of ourselves. And I believe the reason our knowing is conscious is because we are meant to wake up those who aren't as conscious — because we ALL have a purpose, a reason for being here, and by knowing ours and living it through we inspire others to live their purpose too.

Because I have spent way too much time doubting myself (and whether or not I really did have a purpose) and way too much energy feeling frustrated that I couldn't pinpoint that knowing I had about something I was meant to do, here are 8 things that happen when you know you have a mission so you don't have to feel the same and can finally accept YOUR mission and get to work. <3


When you have a mission:

1 | You feel it in your bones.

But you won't be able to pinpoint it and it will cause you all sorts of stress, because it's a feeling, a feeling you will search for for years before it starts to fall into place. This is normal and the best thing to do is work at improving your intuition and always show up for what shows up for you once you make the intention to follow your intended path. 

2 | You will struggle.

Because your purpose is in your pain. Gigi Young has a beautiful video on this that I often share with clients and if you're feeling this, feeling as if you are learning lessons again and again and again, or that you seem to go through really heavy things when those around you seem to have it a bit easier, the video is for you.

3 | You won't be able to settle.

And you'll sometimes wish you could, especially when things get rough and people get mean and you question why you can't just be normal. Just me? ;) No, for real. Those who know they have a mission tend to lead unconventional lives because they have come here to lead in some way, be it as a thought leader, or being of service in another way that falls outside societal norms. "Light workers", healers, mystics, I'm looking at you. Something in you will not allow you to settle for mediocre, even if there is part of you that wants it.

You will constantly need to grow and change and walk an unbeaten path because it's through doing so that you will lead or carry a new way forward.

4 | Grounding is survival.

If you know you have a mission, you will naturally spend a lot of time in your upper chakras and you'll sometimes forget that life is meant to be lived here on earth, in the present moment, too. This can lead to issues around survival and safety (think money issues) or unexplainable mental health challenges, especially those related with existential meaning.

If this is you, spend time in nature and do root chakra meditations — there are a ton on youtube, my favourite is to imagine a ray of light going from the sky down into my crown, all the way through my body and separating to go out the bottoms of my feet where I imagine it then going through the floor, through the soil, down to the center of the earth to be tied around an imaginary rock. Physical activity and anything to do with nurturing your physical body, like using your favourite soaps, getting a massage, eating whole meals with root veggies, is also helpful.

5 | Others won't get it.

Regardless of what your specific purpose is, there are going to be people who won't understand why you feel such a draw to something that a) might not be practical and b) doesn't seem to fit in/is woo. And you'll have to let those people go, you won't have a choice, because if you stay small by staying with/around them, you'll always have that feeling that something is missing. And that something missing is what you signed up to do. So you'll be nudged and nudged to see the truth of a situation until it will be ripped from you if you don't listen. It hurts but it isn't punishment, it's supportive of the new path you must go.

Letting go is a skill that can be learned.

6 | Sometimes YOU won't get it/want it.

I'm only just coming into my own as an intuitive. I value my logical left brain, I value academia, I value western proof (though I know why it's only one way of knowing something to be true) and so I've had to work hard to accept my gifts instead of wish them away because I didn't know how they worked / why I had them. Some days I feel on top of the world, some days I wish I could just go be a Clinical Therapist, have conversations that didn't revolve around energy and chakras, and just be — without worrying if I'm doing enough for those with sensitive needs and the ascension of this planet. But, no matter how much I overthink things, I always feel inspired and aligned first thing in the morning and know this is what I'm meant to do.

7 | You'll be a magnet for synchronicity.

One of my good friends always comments on how synchronicity always seems to find me. And it does! Especially when I feel like quitting. Something or someone will come into my life to support me to stay (on this path) — it's beautiful and eerie, and so unbelievably divine.

8 | You won't be able to give up.

And likewise, you'll want to give up again and again and again, and again and again and again. But you won't. Something will always pull you to give things another go. You'll always be lead to a new insight. New people, new mentors, situations and experiences that have EXACTLY what you need to keep going. Synchronicity will find you and you'll be given the information or encouragement that you need to keep going, especially when you're at your lowest.


Knowing that you have a mission can feel egotistical... an empath's worst nightmare, but everyone, intuitive or not, can see how the consciousness of this earth is increasing. The shadows are coming up to be healed and we, as a population, are becoming more loving, open-minded people because we as individuals are trusting ourselves more, reclaiming our power, and leaning into healing modalities and lifestyles that embrace rest and ease, and self-love.  And if you feel you have a mission — you are on the forefront of it. And it's not egotistical to own it, it's a responsibility and it's important you be accountable because you wouldn't feel the call if it wasn't for a reason. You are a part of something so much bigger and because we aren't privy to the big picture, we can only show up for our role and trust that doing so, ignites something greater than we can yet comprehend.



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