the persecution wound & how it affects you (witch trials)

If you’re on Instagram, or part of any self help circles, you’ve probably heard about the ‘need to show up’ and if you’ve been following my work, you’ve probably heard me speak those words as well.

Because you do.

Earth is undergoing a major shift and it is our gifts and abilities that are creating the new systems we’ll live in. Systems and ways of being that can’t be birthed if we don’t first share our authentic selves with this world.

But as motivating as ‘just show up!’ and ‘the world needs what you’ve got!’ can sound, speaking up and being who we really are isn’t always easy for healers and creatives, because for centuries, “being ourselves” was not safe. For centuries, being ourselves meant burnt at the stake. Or hanged. (Witch trials.) And though this memory is unconscious, it keeps so many of us from leaving the spiritual closet and being honest about what we know, do, care about and love.

We want to follow our path and we want to share our work with those we are here to help, but we feel held back because part of us remembers the last time we did and that part has vowed to never again feel what she felt the day she was killed off.

This fear is known as the persecution wound and it’s a wound that sits in our collective bones (and more specifically, the throat chakra of us as individuals) and because I’ve had to face and re-face it with my work, I wanted to outline the signs you might carry it too. Because your work to show up might require a bit more than a few motivational quotes, and if it does, I want you to know you aren’t alone with what you’re going through.


01. You have big dreams of sharing your gifts and knowing (and making your purpose your reality) but shy away from actually doing it in fear of what others might think. The 'spiritual closet’ is a safer place to be because when you’re in the spiritual closet and only engaging in spiritual things quietly, others don’t have to know what you truly think or believe or know that you identify as being a spiritual being.

For the empaths in business I work with, this impacts their visibility. To be seen, we have to network. And to network, we have to admit what we do: the real truth. It also affects the clients/customers called to their offerings, because when we keep our offerings surface level to avoid showing too much of ourselves, our perfect matches can’t feel our light codes and if they can’t feel us, they can’t find our work.

02. You fear authority and ‘getting in trouble’ and this manifests as simple things, like an irrational fear of speeding tickets or getting in trouble when it comes to your money. You will do ANYTHING to avoid confrontation and this holds you back from taking action because the thought of breaking a rule is too risky to you.

For empaths in business this often manifests as fears around contracts and legalities or anything else around rules, regulations and ‘the right way of doing things.’ A simple process to set up a contract turns into a debilitating experience for so many because they do not want to get it wrong and have to face authority to smooth things out - and figuring out taxes or payment links keeps so many from receiving money because their energy towards it is closed off and heavy.

03. You often have a burning throat and/or memories of being choked. For a long time I couldn’t lay on my back or speak from my heart because I felt a noose around my neck. The burning throat feeling will surface most often when you are wanting to express yourself authentically. And if you experience the burning feeling you know exactly what I mean.

As an empath in business this has happened most often when I’m creating content to share with the world. I don’t only have the ‘feeling’ of being choked but dreams about it too.

04. There is a voice in your head that tells you you’re a fraud or impostor (deceptive, manipulative, etc.) This story comes from memories of lifetimes being feared for your magic/witchcraft or from picking up on those stories from the collective unconscious. (The thought grid that connects us all.) Or even from more shadowy entities who want to derail your journey. Unfortunately, the fear of being a fraud makes you undervalue yourself and the impact you can make on others because the last thing you want to do is be dishonest.

For empaths in business this looks like underselling yourself, because it’s easier to sell yourself short (by not charging or charging very little) and not have to fear someone questioning your work than to hold your worth when (and if) that situation was to come true.

05. You people please to avoid making a scene. Unconsciously, being passive is a coping mechanism that keeps you from drawing attention to yourself, because the last time you did you were caught, persecuted and hanged/burned.

So again, visibility. For empaths in business this affects things as ‘easy’ as publishing an instagram post. To your unconscious mind sharing your ‘reiki’ practice IS rocking the boat and that is something you do not want to do. But you don’t know that, you just feel resistance.

06. You have a history of lung and throat-related illnesses. For me it was bronchitis that came on suddenly and quite aggressively when I first started to wake up and think about starting a blog. This is because the persecution wound is a throat chakra wound and the body uses physical symptoms and illnesses to get our attention. Like many, it was only after getting sick that I was motivated enough to take my body seriously. When I looked into the symbolism of my symptoms I realized the connection to speaking up and when I started to use my voice, my symptoms disappeared almost overnight.

That said, recently when I started creating my meditation album all the symptoms came back up. And the thing with empaths in business is that we don’t honour that and when we do get sick because of the wounds we take on to heal with our work, we don’t rest. And that leads to burnout. Or car accidents to give us no choice. :)

Relate to any of these?

If you carry the persecution wound, you (like me!) came into this life to heal it in yourself and the collective - and to help I created a meditation album for us. I'll be sharing snippets of tracks over on Instagram over the next few days if you want to follow and have a peek! I’ve also been guided to open up a few very limited coaching sessions to help those of you who know this wound is what holds you back. Sessions are intense and in-depth, because they are spirit led and she's on a mission to remove this wound and get us all moving forward and doing our part. If you want to show up, but find yourself stuck, I'm here to help.

Here’s the link to book a 1:1 session.



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I'm Robin! A social worker by trade, but my spirit came in with her own skillset. I write here at and podcast too, all with the intention of supporting empaths (like you!) in showing up, speaking up and following your truth. Hopefully see you over on InstagramOr in a 1:1 session. It would be my honour to support you!