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the persecution wound & how it affects you (witch trials)

If you’re on Instagram, or part of personal development circles, you’ve probably heard about the ‘need to show up’ and if you’ve been following my work, you’ve probably heard me speak those words as well.

Because you do.

Earth is undergoing a major shift and it is our gifts and abilities that are creating the new systems we’ll live in. Systems and ways of being that can’t be birthed if we don’t first share our authentic selves with this world.

But as motivating as ‘showing up’ and ‘the world needs what you’ve got!’ can sound, speaking up and being who we really are isn’t always easy for healers and creatives because for centuries, “being ourselves” was not safe. For centuries, being ourselves meant burnt at the stake. (Witch trials.) And though this memory is unconscious, it keeps so many of us from leaving the spiritual closet and sharing ourselves. We want to follow our path and we want to share our work with those we are here to help but we feel held back because part of us remembers the last time we did and that part has vowed to never again feel what she felt the day she was killed off.

This fear is known as the persecution wound and it’s a wound that sits in our collective bones (and more specifically, the throat chakra of us as individuals) and because I’ve had to face and re-face it with my work, I wanted to write a post outlining the signs you might carry it too. Because your work to show up might require a bit more than a few motivational quotes, and if it does, I want you to know you aren’t alone in what you’re experiencing or going through.

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