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When You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Dreams: A Letter for Visionaries

*This post first appeared in 2018 but has since been edited.

The past few months have been months of radical transformation. 

The things I could only dream last December are manifesting. It's surreal. Eerie, really. Especially as I sit here in the library I sat in often when life felt overwhelming... and I felt defeated in my mission. 

If you've taken any of my more recent workshops I've spoken openly about how the end of 2017 was difficult on me. I had a vision for who I wanted to be and big plans for what this space might be, but gave my power away to fate and forgot my duty to co-create my reality. I understood the Law of Attraction... and even wrote a book on the theories of manifestation, but theory is just theory without application.

So I crashed and burned; physically, mentally, emotionally, financially.

In a very public way.

It was embarrassing, yet common for us Healers/Feelers/Empaths/Intuitive Beings.

Because we are so driven to create freedom based lives and fulfill our purpose that we abandon conventionality and dive headfirst into service, armed only with the theory of what it takes to create a happy reality... forgetting that success requires we face reality.

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THE DIARY OF AN EMPATH (the meaning behind the name)

"The Diary of an Empath" has been taking up residence in my head for over three years. But when it came time to buy the domain and commit to it, I panicked. Labels are limiting and I hesitated at the thought of creating a space that would place people in a metaphorical box. I didn't want to proclaim that I knew everything about what it means to be an empath (because I don't) or suggest there was only one way of living that was right for people with empathetic tendencies. 

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