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Reconnecting to Animal Wisdom: Ollie Neveu

Our food choices are socially constructed. We are taught to believe one type of animal is more valuable than another and through that process de-sensitized to believe killing another soul is OK. The guilt I've felt for my involvement in the torture and abuse of animals has been overwhelming - so I've invited Ollie Neveu, an intuitive healer, to shine light on the conditioning process and speak to the value of a vegan diet in remembering a different way. Ollie was avid meat lover until she transitioned to veganism after adopting her rescue greyhound (Guru Dog Neve) who opened her heart and showed her the shared consciousness in all beings. 

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Thinking of going vegan? My top tips!

Going vegan is not an easy decision. It's a major life change. And while there are many (many, many) perks to being vegan, it's not for everyone. Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and like I've said before, some nutrients (B12 specifically) are only found in animal products. Not only will veganism impact your nutrition and the vitamins and minerals your body gets, as a vegan you will also need to become intentional about how you dress, what companies you support, and how you fill your days. If you are considering going vegan, this post is for you.

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A quick chat about beauty (GIRL CRUSH Cornelia Grimsmo)

Guys! Meet: Cornelia Grimsmo, a stunning Norwegian Vlogger who knows a thing or two about beauty. And no, I'm not talking external beauty. I'm talking inner beauty. The type of beauty that can only be found when you follow your heart, work hard for your goals, and have the courage to share your authentic self with the world. I stumbled across Cornelia's YouTube channel by accident. 

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