A quick chat about beauty (GIRL CRUSH Cornelia Grimsmo)




Meet: Cornelia Grimsmo, a stunning Norwegian Vlogger who knows a thing or two about beauty. And no, I'm not talking external beauty. I'm talking inner beauty. 

The type of beauty that can only be found when you follow your heart, work hard for your goals, and have the courage to share your authentic self with the world. 

I stumbled across Cornelia's YouTube channel by accident. I had been asking the universe for my tribe, for like-minded girls who went off the beaten track and created successful lives that involved a creative approach to the humanitarian causes close to their hearts. I was looking for someone to validate my desire to be a social worker AND be a creative, to support others on a visceral level through art. I wanted to know that the two worlds could coexist instead of compete.

And I got that and more!

Following Cornelia has also taught me that success isn't about 'keeping things together' and fitting into the norm. It's about a willingness to be yourself, especially when who you are is so radically different from what is considered normal and safe.

She taught me that as long as I remain true to my heart and maintain my compassion for others and their choices, there was absolutely nothing wrong with putting myself out into the world in a controversial way.  

Stumbling across Cornelia's YouTube channel reminded me of WHY it's important to do that. Why it's important to look past my fears and talk about the things that need talking about, because just as I found comfort in Cornelia's story, there is someone somewhere who might find comfort in mine! Just as I was searching for someone like Cornelia, someone somewhere might be searching for me! 

If you're interested in anything from veganism to self-love, to happiness and following your dreams, check her out! 

There is so much wisdom in her 24 years.

Do you have any creative crushes? How do you feel about using the power of social media for social change? Pleaseee let me know! 



Update March 2017:

I wrote this post five months ago when I had about 5 visitors to my site each day. Now I have almost 100x that and I've morphed my creative project where I've been connecting with the most amazing soul's all over this planet. I didn't really know why I needed to start a blog and I had a lot of reservations about whether or not blogging was even still a thing but I'm so glad I decided to just START. 

If you stumbled across my site and started thinking you'd like to do something similar. Take that leap. You have no idea where it will lead you... and you wouldn't be considering it if it wasn't something looking
to surface in you. I'm so grateful for my little blog and the conversation I've started by simply showing up and I know in a couple months you will be grateful too.