How to know if an idea is REALLY worth pursuing

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One thing that connects us all, regardless of our backgrounds, skills, abilities, field of study or career path, is our innate need to be of service. To fulfil a purpose for being here. To do something with our lives, even when we have no idea what that something is. We spend a lot of time wondering what we are 'here to do' and when we begin to figure it out, we spend even more time questioning if the idea we have for our purpose is worth pursuing. We find one hundred reasons to pass our ideas off as wishful thinking, believing we don't have the skills, personality, networks, or resources to pull it off. 

I love to write, but I've never considered myself a writer. I love the way a blank page can become a mechanism for healing with a certain arrangement of words, but I never thought anyone would want to read what I had to say. I'm also an incredibly creative person who loves spending her time alone with her computer. Which, on paper would make me an excellent candidate to start a blog. But time and time again, when the idea to start something surfaced, I resisted the idea.

Finally one day I said, enough of this and created this space. 

It's been fun and I finally feel at peace. But there are still times I catch myself contemplating if I really have what it takes to make this writing thing work. I worry I'm not good enough, that my words are insignificant, and that I will never really make anything of myself as a writer. Instead of letting myself dwell in my fears I've learned to challenge them. 

There is a shift happening in the world. With hierarchies crumbling there are new opportunities to make a living outside of a typical 9 to 5. There is also a movement of craftivism among millennials and the use of entrepreneurship for social change is becoming the norm, especially with middle-class women. The internet is making it possible to bring ideas to life - and I bet if you've been drawn to my site, you have an idea or two you are considering pursuing.

Here are four questions that help me navigate my fear and stay accountable to my ideas and my dreams. Maybe they will help you know if your idea is worth pursuing too.

1. How do I feel about my idea after being in nature?

Humans are naturally drawn to nature because of its healing power. Nature is a natural equalizer and being in nature helps us recharge and rebalance our energy. When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or confused over what I'm doing I always force myself out into nature. Before birthing this site I spent a lot of time at the local fairy gardens (a local garden kept by a group of nuns) and I noticed that no matter what I was feeling before I went to the gardens, I always left feeling confident about my idea to pursue this blog. Being in nature cleared away the  surface level fears I had for not wanting to pursue my idea and brought me back to my purpose. Anytime I feel overwhelmed about what to write/if I should write I head back to the gardens and it becomes instantly clear. 

2. What are my thoughts about my idea first thing in the morning?

Just like nature, sleep is a natural restorer. We heal in our sleep, physically, mentally and spiritually, and wake into a balanced state. The purpose of sleep is to heal within (there is a reason our eyes are closed) and when we first wake up we haven't yet been exposed to the buzz of the external world. As an Empath, this time is sacred; my thoughts and feelings are the most 'mine' that they will be all day. Go with what you think first thing in the morning, that's the real you, that's your purpose.

3. Does this idea light me up... and then freak me out? 

I believe we are all connected to something greater than ourselves and we all get downloads of what we are suppose to do here on earth. These downloads excite us because they align with our inner knowing. But most times, excitement is quickly replaced with fear. Earth is a scary place and part of us wants to remain fearful. The closer we are to our truth (read: purpose) the more fearful we will be. The stark difference between excitement and fear is a sure sign that what you are thinking is what you should pursue. This is especially true if this pattern consists over and over again about the same idea/dream/goal. 

4. Who am I inspired by? Do they do something similar to my idea?

Like attracts like, so the types of people we attract into our lives as role models are often a good indicator of who we can be. We've been trained to believe our world is one of lack and that we can never be as successful as the people we look up to. The truth is, though, our world is one of abundance and the qualities of our role models are the qualities that are waiting to be born within us. I look up to other advocates and creative entrepreneurs, which means working on my blog is something I should most definitely do. 

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Have you felt a similar way? Do you think asking these questions will help?



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