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Why I'm an 'empath' and not 'mentally ill' <3

This space is called 'the diary of an empath' and not 'the diary of someone with mental illness'. Why? Because I made a choice to forgo a medical label and embrace a metaphysical label. A label that fit me, my experience and my needs much better. Because there is power in language, and how we define ourselves plays such a big role in our lives, I thought I would dedicate a post to labels and what they mean.

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Why My Lows Aren't As Low Anymore

At the end of August my entire world fell apart. Not like kinda fell apart. Like, really fell apart. Everything felt uncertain and heavy - it was as if the universe was pulling all its stops to test me. Had the events of August happened three years earlier I would have probably landed back in the hospital. I would have probably been prescribed an anti-depressant. I would have probably thought there was no reason to go on - but instead I was smiling, making plans, journalling, drinking tea, thinking: this doesn't hurt the way it use to. Here are some reasons I think this might be.

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