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"free yourself, so you can free someone else"

The fun thing about a partner in film is that he has a knack for capturing moments. Moments, like this. The sun was setting and I was in awe of a ‘life like this.’

And when I saw the image, I felt something shift.

The responsibility I've felt for eons lifted.

The end of a rope I decided to snip.

A rope to hardship.
I snipped it.

In favor of peace. And forgiveness.
And being happy. And flaunting it.

Over the past few years I've released myself from what was never a fit to my spirit. Like making myself small to ensure someone else didn’t feel triggered. Or putting off my calling because others didn’t ‘get it’.

I faced it.

The people-pleasing.
The overcompensating.
My default to overgive.

And from it, gave myself permission to lift.

To shift.

To live.


And I saw weightlessness in that image.

A feeling that brought me back to my journal and words I scribbled in it:

"Free yourself so you can free someone else."

I wrote them in 2017 and at the time they didn’t make sense.

I actually thought it was the other way around and that those words were selfish. “Put myself first? How does that help the planet?”

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