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Why I'm an 'empath' and not 'mentally ill'

This space is called 'the diary of an empath' and not 'the diary of someone with mental illness'. Why? Because I made a choice to forgo a medical label and embrace a metaphysical label. A label that fit me, my experience and my needs much better. Because there is power in language, and how we define ourselves plays such a big role in our lives, I thought I would dedicate a post to labels and what they mean.

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How to Clear, Ground & Shield Your Energy

The blog has *temporarily* fallen to the way side but I wanted to pop by and share a story about the importance of clearing and grounding your energy - because negative energy can really put a damper on our mental health and as highly sensitive people (or whatever term you want to use) we have a knack for drawing in negative energy and having it make us feel stagnant and stuck. 

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