How to tell if you're full moon sensitive & why it's important to know

If you were to ask me a year ago if I was moon sensitive (or believed the moon affected us at all) I would have laughed and said, no way.

This changed when I got interested in astrology and started taking note of the moon cycles. I've always been sluggish and overwhelmed at different points throughout the year and when I started following different astrology blogs, I'd notice that these 'times of year' were aligning with full moons. My intuition took notice and I started seeing connections. Suddenly all my favourite bloggers and mystics began opening up about their moon sensitivity, and books about the full moon's impact on highly sensitive people began showing up in my day to day life. 

If you're a sensitive person, there is a strong chance the moon affects you. But how do you know? Once I started to notice a connection - and realized the universe was trying hard to get me to acknowledge it - I started a journal. 

If you suspect you might too have a sensitivity to the moon, figure out where we are in the moon cycle and start keeping record of your moods/emotions/behaviours. Just like keeping a food diary is an effective way to understand how certain foods affect your mind and body, a moon journal will offer you insight into how the moon affects you specifically. After a few moon phases you'll be able to pick out patterns; if you notice an abundance of mood changes, anxious or depressed feelings and out-of-the-norm reactions/behaviours around the full moon, you are moon sensitive. 

Once you recognize your patterns and have greater insight into why you are behaving the way you are (#themoonmademedoit) you can regain power over your emotions and create space to change your behaviours. My moon sensitivity usually manifests as a low/anxious mood but since learning why it's happening, I have been able to regain control. Instead of letting my emotions reek havoc on me and the people around me, I recognize them for what they are, and nurture my sensitivity by giving myself lots of space to rest and relax. I don't get frustrated with myself or think I'm faulted for feeling the way I do - I just let my emotions be. 

Tomorrow is a full moon in Aquarius and to deal with it I took the morning off work and slept in until 1-2pm! And I'm completely OK with that because my sensitivity to the energy of the moon is the same reason I'm sensitive to people and their needs, and I wouldn't change my sensitivity for anything. 

If things are chaotic for you and you're feeling out of sorts, it will pass. Pull out a pen and paper and record how you're feeling. Recognizing your patterns is the first step to understanding and embracing them for what they are. 

Happy full moon, 


PS. If you're interested in lunar astrology check out Mystic Mama and the Collective Evolution. It can be helpful to know the astrology of the moon phases to understand why certain things are happening in your life and why you are being affected in a certain way. I've found both sites to be incredibly insightful.