Feeling Stuck? How to make a decision when you 'can't make a decision'

Decisions use to paralyze me.

But then I met someone during a particularly confusing time in my life (a soul mate of sorts) who said: "if you ever need to make a decision between two things, just choose, pick one or the other, and deal with whatever comes up after that."


I've been doing my best to practice his wise words and guess what? It works! 

Over the past few years I've done my share of dating and I use to get really worked up when having to decide between staying or leaving when my needs weren't being met or I was no longer feeling the relationship. I'd get so caught up in the 'what ifs' - 'what if I'm just overthinking this?',  'what if I don't find someone better?' - to the point where I'd stay until the guy ended things as a default of being unable to choose.  In the rare case I did make a decision I would spend my freedom in constant fear that I made the wrong choice, regretting my choice and wanting that person back. It was all so draining. 

Recently a relationship began to fizzle. And when given the choice to stay and fight for it or leave and create something new, I took my friend's advice and chose the latter. I didn't give myself an option to consider what I was missing, I didn't give myself a chance to regret. I made my decision and I stuck with it. When sadness, loneliness or the dreaded 'what ifs' came up, I squashed them and turned the focus back to me and the new life I was creating. And you know what? Things have been great. More than great. Things have been wonderful. 

What if you can't choose wrong?

The biggest fear when making a decision is that you will 'choose wrong'. But what if you can't choose wrong? What if whatever choice you make is simply the newest place to create from? I believe we are eternal and limitless - and so is the universe - so we have the power to create whatever life we want. The only limitation is the BELIEF that we are limited. So why invest valuable energy in being unsure or worse regretting something, when you can instead focus on creating something even better? 

It might seem overly simple but it's not. Making a decision is as easy as well, making a decision. Choose and launch from there. 

As I approach September I am faced with another choice: I need to choose to A. Go to Sweden or B. Stay in Canada. Both options will fulfill me in completely different ways and by choosing one over the other I will experience loss. Once I choose I will deal with whatever comes up and build my life from that moment on, no regrets. Because life is static and nothing is forever.

If you're stuck having to make a decision between two good options, just choose. Doing so will free up space for your new life to fall perfectly into place. 

Happy Thursday!



P. S. This quote is from Abraham-Hicks, a channeled group of spirit that teach all things law of attraction. If you're a LOA newb, check out their site. And then listen to some of their youtube videos. They are straight to the point when it comes to manifestation.