How You're Making the Law of Attraction More Difficult Than It Needs to Be

law of attraction step-by-step,

I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on the last year and a half of the diary; and one thing I can't get off my mind is the blog post I wrote on the Law of Attraction that went viral on Pinterest and gave the diary its first jolt.

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Because it was that article that taught me the vastness of the Internet and planted seeds for what this space might become, because when that article caught fire, I started to receive hundreds and hundreds of e-mails from people looking for help.

But at the time I was conflicted.

(And really overwhelmed; it was a be careful for what you wish for moment.)

Because I started the diary to normalize energy and bridge the gap between an Empath's energetic and emotional needs and the lack of resources in our western world. Not to help people manifest cars and jobs and soulmates.

Though that article brought me a lot empathic friends (Hey, @staciaashe! I think this is how we met!) because the topic of manifestation is how a lot of Empaths wake up and I was getting to talk energy with those I was helping, it felt weird because I didn't want to be teaching people the law of attraction.

I wanted to be teaching Intuitives to get steady.

But after many many months going back and forth in my mind about how I can best serve the world (is it by writing about LOA? is it about supporting empaths? should I just be a social worker?) I've come to realize that being a healthy Intuitive and being good at the law of attraction are the same thing!

(And that all that back-and-forth was a waste of energy. Haha..)

Because to manifest IS to be intuitive. 

Because when you learn to value your intuition, you naturally manifest things. 

The biggest trap people get into when wanting to manifest an intention is to believe there is a set of 'steps' they need to be following.

Visualizing this many minutes.

Saying this many affirmations.


Because there isn’t.

In fact, following a pre-set set of rules is the fastest way to limit your success, because the rigidity of a step-by-step blocks your inner voice; your intuition.

Though visualization and affirmation can be great tools to move energy in your favour, once you know what you want, you only need one other thing (well, two) to be successful, and that’s a deep connection to your intuition and the willingness to listen to what it is telling you you need to do.


A law of attraction ExAMPLE:


Last week I let a lot of things go and decided to use the new space to set new goals.

After journaling I decided my main goal was to up-level my coaching programs to attract those who were ready for my energy. I was beginning to feel confined with my current offerings and needed to make a change, a change in favour of the quick-nature of my intuition and the lives I was capable of changing…while also being supportive of my financial goals so I could have a bit more space in my life to explore and play and create free content for my community. 

So I wrote my goal down (in the affirmative; "I am so grateful and thankful for a coaching program that’s a perfect fit for my soul and those I am here to support.”) and had the thought to go for a walk.

On the walk I began to think about the idea of personal/collective accountability and how one of the gifts I have to bring to the world is my self-honesty. I cannot NOT follow my heart. Being or doing anything that isn’t me is soul crushing, so I stay true to myself no matter what my spirit asks of me.

I also thought about my clients and why they have the ahas they have when they are in my energy, and it’s also about accountability! I ask the hard questions. I dig up what needs surfacing. I’m as honest with them about who they are as I am with me and my needs and calling.

I’m okay with triggering… in a safe, supportive Cancerian way.

I’m okay with pushing limits.

I’m here for the breakthroughs.

The breakdowns.

Whatever it takes to move people to a more authentic place.

Because I know we need to be real with ourselves and outrun the conditioning that’s been placed on us if we are to succeed with making our dream for a deeply fitting life a reality.

So I thought, ‘why not start a coaching program for accountability? Why not use your take-no-prisoners energy and your gift of getting right to the point to keep your clients accountable to who they are at soul-level?’

The idea felt like a good fit, so I created a page on my website as soon as I got home.

The words just flowed!

Until I got to the specifics of how I’d work 1:1.

I love working with people for long periods of time because I love getting to know people on such a personal level, but long-term coaching can be draining energetically (my clients are so intuitive and open that we are always communicating telepathically and it’s hard to not want to be a support for them and their energy at all times; even Saturday night at 1am, haha… you know who you are!) so I needed a way to support more and more people but not be so run down energetically.

I am also very quick with how I work and know I can create as much of a shift in 2 hours as I can in 6-months if the intention is there.

So I thought, ‘what if I could shorten the coaching process? What if we were in each other’s energy for a day or two, rather than for months at a time?’

That felt resonate – and terrifying!

Because I’ve been trained to meet people in 45-minute increments.

But my intuition does not lie, so I wrote it into the sales page.


I had no idea how I was going to find clients for my new offering, but I trusted what I was thinking and feeling, and affirmed I was so “grateful and thankful for the PERFECT clients coming my way."

A decision that caused the thought to make a new vision board pop into my brain.

Knowing the next step after an affirmation is always the right step to take, I got into creator mode, picked some images from Pinterest and tried printing my new boards... but the ink went strange and my boards came out red; a colour I knew was associated with the Root Chakra and feeling safe.

So I took the cue from the non-physical, visualized my Root Chakra in full colour, got grounded, got safe, and from a more grounded place used the ink issue as an opportunity to up-level my life by sending my images off to be printed professionally.

(Professional printing might seem like a small thing but the 'little things' are so important when it comes to energy.)

A few days went by and because I only had a few false starts with selling my package I began to feel fearful that maybe I had changed my work too much and jumped my prices too high, and that maybe I should go back to booking more coaching packages that took a lot out of me.

I don’t know what triggered my memory but in that moment of worry I remembered my beautiful new vision boards and decided to tape them to my wall... and while taping them noticed they were really Feminine with one picture of a girl painting standing out for me.

She looked happy. She looked free. So I decided to take the afternoon off work and worrying and grab some paints to get into my own Feminine energy.

It felt so good that I took the next day off work too.

I just painted and created and put myself in a receiving energy.

And like magic, the next morning I woke up to a perfect candidate for my new coaching program.


I share this story for three reasons:

1. I didn't follow any ‘specific’ steps.

I just decided life wasn’t what I wanted it to be, set an intention and followed my intuition by showing up for what was showing up for me...again and again… the walk… the accountability conversation with myself...  the vision board, the grounding, the mini uplevel, the idea to put that vision board on my wall, the idea to paint, the idea to simply be receptive.

2. There was no logic involved.

In fact, my decisions were more illogical if anything. Logic would have told me to stay at short coaching sessions, not go way out of my comfort zone and create new programming. Logic would have told me to do what I knew and create a marketing campaign, not paint…

3. I get worried and fearful and insecure too when I'm deciding to make big changes in my life.




The thoughts I had, the feelings I felt, the things I saw (on my vision board) are how my spirit speaks to me and the reason I can listen to them is because I a) realize they are intuitive gifts of Claircognizance (clear-knowing), Clairsentience (clear-feeling) and Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and b) because I’ve built up the self-belief (my Solar Plexus) to follow them, especially when I don’t know where they are leading me.

To manifest what you want requires a deep connection to your intuition, and that requires you get selfish and forget the step-by-steps you’ve been taught to believe so you can hear what YOUR spirit is saying.

You have to listen to your soul, because your soul, knows.

And it’s its job to help your physical body create its intentions on the Earth Plane.

The hardest part of manifesting is deciding what you want because everything and anything that follows any intention is working to bring that intention into your physical reality.

Regardless of how big your dream, every single moment is happening for you.

It doesn’t always feel good.

(I had to have a horrible conversation with someone I loved to realize my current coaching packages weren’t fitting who I’ve become. I had to feel the worry to remember my vision board and be drawn to painting. I had to face myself on the canvas and be okay with not working…)

But it’s always moving you exactly where you’ve asked to go.

Success is inevitable.

So long as you work on being self-centered (so hard for Intuitives to not get swayed by collective energies, including collective thought patterns, protect yourself with intentions and crystals and whatever it is you feel you need), stay committed to listening to your spirit and have the self-confidence to ACT on what it is your spirit is saying.

We cover this in-depth in my journaling course and in my course for empaths drawn to starting their own business, but that’s not the point of this article. The point of this article is to remind you that ‘the law of attraction’ is really easy because what you’re seeking is ALWAYS seeking you.

And the minute you realize that – and truly show up for what’s showing up for you by listening and acting on what it is your spirit is saying to you – what you want cannot help but manifest for you.

It’s law.

It’s energy.

And having what you want can be as easy as realizing the things you are feeling and thinking and seeing are the exact steps you need to be taking.