6 Ways to Work With Plant Consciousness To Manifest Your Dreams


In July a few of us from this space will be meeting in Glastonbury, England to retreat in the magic of Avalon!

Avalon is the Heart Chakra of the world and because of that plays a big role in the cyclic rebirth of a global Matriarchy here on Earth. It's the last known land of the priestess and because of that, a lot of us on the 'healer' path are being drawn to its sacred sites to remember our calling (as Feminine beings) and reclaim our power as leaders of a more intuitive, heart-centered planet.

I first planted the idea for this trip at the Solar Eclipse last August when I made the declaration I was ready to learn more about my connection with the Elvian realms, and now that it's beginning to come together I've been spending a lot of time connecting to Earth and seeking support in moving momentum in the direction of the trip being highly transformative for myself and those who are joining me.

But turning to Earth when looking to manifest something isn't new to me; relying on Mother Earth to help me manifest my desires is something I've always done unconsciously, and something I do in many different ways today!

So I thought it's time to dedicate a post to the ways I work with Mother Earth and why plant consciousness is a powerful co-creator when it comes to manifesting our dreams. 


What is plant consciousness?

When we talk plant consciousness, we first have to understand that Earth has its own energy, its own path, its own personality.

This idea that planets have personalities is something astrologers have known for centuries. For example, when you do up your astrology chart, your Venus sign reflects how you are in relationships because Venus is known for having a loving energy, your Mercury sign reflects how you communicate because Mercury is known for being communicative, etc.
Earth is as alive as you and I.

It is a conscious being!

Which is why it has a personal chakra system and grid lines. 

And when we talk plant consciousness, we are talking this energy.

A steady, familiar energy similar to a loving mother who wants to support, care for and protect YOU. 

As maternal energy, Earth jumps at the opportunity to care for her beings and one way it does this is through gifts like rocks and plants and other natural offerings, which all share in her steady energy and maintain a consciousness of their own.

So when we are working with those things; either crystals, or plant elixirs, or simply walking barefoot through soil, we are connecting to Earth's energy and tapping into the love, protection and support it holds!


Why is this important to manifestation?

The reason Earth's energy is so important when it comes to manifestation is because to manifest requires we first feel secure. We have to know without a doubt that what we want is on its way and we can't do that from a fearful head or heart space.

We have to tap into an energy that feels more steady. 

More certain.

Less like fear and more like things are already working out perfectly. 

And that's what tapping into plant consciousness does for our being subconsciously!

Because the Earth doesn't worry if the sun will come up or the grass will grow, it just knows. Certainty is part of its personality.


My favourite ways to invite plant (Earth) consciousness to help with manifestation:

1. I bring my morning routine to the garden!

Though I've known structure is key to manifesting for a while, it wasn't until I made routines a non-negotiable that I saw forward momentum on my goals.

Because how we start our day is how our day will be, one of my favourite ways to tap into Earth's certainty energy is to bring my morning routine (my breakfast and journalling prompts!) to the local public gardens and allow nature's energy to start my day in a grounded way.


2. I talk with flowers. 

In the process of manifestation we are bound to come up against an obstacle or two, because we can't heal what's hidden and to manifest means to uplevel and to uplevel means there are things you might need to work through.

This is fine for small things! But when the desire for something BIG brings you face-to-face with deep wounding, it's really helpful to have a safe space to process what's hurting you in a way that doesn't drain the people who surround you.

This is where plants come in because they are zero judgement. Their energy is so high vibrational and pure that they naturally hold healing space and encourage authenticity!

When I'm really struggling with something I share my worries and concerns with flowers at the park or the plants on my window sill. This is a quick way to have your worries reflected back to you so you can better understand them AND have outdated energies/memories detoxed from your energy.


3. I add flower petals to my bath water.

One of the ways I practice self-care is by buying myself flowers. I get them weekly to add beauty to my home, but also make a special trip to the flower shop when I feel overwhelmed to add a few petals to my bath water with some essential oils and move through whatever it is that has a hold on me.

I like roses because I love the feeling of self-love, but choose whatever type stands out to me at the time and always find the healing properties of the flower I choose is the perfect support for what I'm needing to work through.

* Smell is the scent that has the quickest pathway to the brain. This makes it near impossible to not be in the moment when smelling something that smells good to you. Just being in a bath that smells like flowers will be enough to distract you from what's bothering you enough for guidance on your next steps to come through! 


4. I use a grounding essential oils blend!

Last year a friend of mine gave me a grounding essential oil blend when I was feeling really run down at a job that was taking advantage of my inability to maintain strong boundaries. The oil helped me feel safe when I wasn't safe at all, and I continue to use it when those memories surface or I feel unsafe or insecure because I know I can't manifest security from a perspective that this world is cruel.

[I loved the impact of the oil so much I've decided to partner with my friend and create an entire collection of hand-crafted essential oil blends designed for Empaths and our unique set of energetic and emotional needs. There will be a grounding blend, a boundary blend, a forgiveness blend, a past-life clearing blend (for authenticity!) and a blend for personal power!

*UPDATE: You can find the entire collection here!


5. I bury my intentions!

Earth is a slow, steady energy so this trick doesn't work for things you're wanting to manifest quickly. [Use air elements for those things! Like incense.] This is more for big things, like career milestones, meeting your soulmate, birthing a creative project/children, the desire to travel abroad. But when I have something BIG I am wanting to call in, things my heart wants but from the present moment feel too good to be true, I sometimes bury them either outdoors or in a small indoor garden in my living room. 

The soil is where we plant seeds, so this ritual is powerful for releasing your control and asking the non-physical to take over in how those seeds are sowed. 


6. I ask for plant-based signs.

One of the ways I work with the non-physical when manifesting is by asking for signs; numbers, lyrics, and more recently, flower types.

It started about seven months ago when I was out for a walk, feeling low and doubting a Tarot Reading I had where the reader said that if I had the courage to keep going, I'd soon see reward (the Sun card in Tarot) when I looked up and saw a giant sunflower on the walkway I was about to go. 

I had walked that particular path many times before and it was the only sunflower I ever saw. So I took it as a sign to listen to what the Tarot Reader was saying and keep taking my steps forward.

Now when I need a sign, I welcome them as flowers! Either someone giving me flowers or seeing flowers somewhere that really stands out as important.

Give it a go?


If you're a plant person, look up the meanings of the plants you currently have around you. You might have called them in unintentionally to support you in what it is you're working through! The symbolism they carry will be a message for you. And if you aren’t a plant person, do you a feel a curiosity for any of these ideas? Curiosity is our soul speaking and since we are in Taurus season, being curious about plants and plant consciousness is the earth-energy trying to seed its way into your reality.