How My Dreams Actually Manifested Into My Reality

I’ll never forget stumbling across ‘the Law of Attraction’ and wondering how that could be a thing. On one hand, it was validating, because even as a child I knew not all was as it seemed. Magic to me, was as real as this tea I am drinking.

But I’m also an earth sign and value practicality. I need real, tangible proof to feel sure of something.

So I was torn.

Could we really create things with our thinking?

Was I really in control of my reality?

Especially where I had lived 20+ years without knowledge of this ‘law’ and there was no way I manifested some of what I experienced. There is no way I was responsible for everything that happened to me. That was not something I was willing to believe.

But it turns out we can.

And I am.

And my knowledge of the Law of Attraction and the other energetic laws that govern our lives as human beings has only grown since then.

Because I’ve been given my proof.

Again, and again.

And again.

In so many forms.

And with so many things; from relationships to clients to health and wellbeing. For myself and others.

So I no longer question my ability to create my world.

At all.

And I no longer ignore the power of my words.

(As they are our wand.)

But I know when you are first learning about the Law of Attraction there is a need to know how it really works. A need for proof. And I know that when you’re in that place of just beginning to see the influence you have over your reality, other people’s stories can be helpful because they give you reason to take your power seriously.

So I decided to share how my vision board for 2018 ACTUALLY manifested for me.

To show you that yes, manifestation is real.

And what you want will manifest for you!

But it’s not all magical.

True manifestation involves us taking action on the inspiration the non-physical gives us when we ask for something, because we (us and the non-physical… or the universe if that’s a more familiar term) are a team and we (us as human beings) are the player who came to be here on earth physically birthing our thoughts into our day-to-day reality to create a new world for us all to live in.

I hope these stories inspire you!

Especially if you’re like me and need a bit of real-world proof to believe in the power you too have to create what it is you are wanting.


My 2018 Vision Board:




I put this image on my vision board to represent something I could send in the mail. I didn’t know what it would be, I just knew I wanted to ground my work and create something physical to support those who followed my journey.

How it manifested:

I looked at the image after a client call and had the idea to send her the grounding blend I got at a self-care workshop a few months prior. So I messaged the aromatherapist and asked for a coffee date to discuss making that happen. That conversation lead to another conversation where we decided to partner and create an entire collection.

That collection has become its own business known as Oils for Empaths and a completely new revenue stream for me and the diary. And I got a new friend! A friend who thinks and feels like me and lives in the same city!




I put this image on my vision board because I was ready to take control of my finances. I never again wanted to feel like I couldn’t pay my bills.

How it manifested:

A day or two after gluing the image to my vision board I came across a content creator that worked with women on their money mindset, and after reading a bit of her work I realized that though becoming a social worker gave me a lot of wonderful things, it also gave me a limited mindset filled with beliefs that 'wanting money was greedy'. So I made the decision to reprogram my beliefs and learn to sell myself and my expertise. Which led to the idea and motivation to create my first course (The Empowered Empath) and from that the money to invest in learning how to grow my income through a few outlets including coaching with the incredible Nevica Vazquez.

Since then my business has continued to grow while remaining debt-free, even with a few months ‘off’ this summer to heal past life wounding.



What I was wanting:

I put these images on my vision board because I wanted to feel safe being seen. I was tired of hiding behind my screen and wanted to feel good about myself physically. I also really liked how all emotions were shown; because I want to be transparent about my entire journey, especially as it relates to my healing.

How it manifested:

I had the idea in late spring to update my brand and a few days later had the pull to try again with Instagram. And that’s where I stumbled across Sam from Revamp Amor, a graphic designer who so beautifully upgraded the diary’s branding. In the final week of edits I decided I also wanted to update my photography but I didn't know how I would find a photographer with the same aesthetic so close to launch date. So I asked my guides to help me. Minutes later I had a knowing to type 'natural light photography' into Google, even though I didn't even know that was a thing! And my new photographer, Katherine, showed up on the search page.

I booked her and it was one of the best decisions because she makes me feel sooo safe being me. And I couldn’t help but notice in our last round of photos, the facial expressions she captured look very much like the ones on my vision board for 2018.



What I was wanting:

I put this image on my vision board because this year was the year I wanted to make my home feel homey. I wanted to nest a bit and begin entertaining.

How it manifested:

For a few months I didn't know where I'd live. I had an apartment in the city but was drawn back to the country to be near the animals and trees, so I took the leap in the summer and moved back to my hometown to be near my family.

Then September hit and the beautiful energies of Venus Retrograding through Libra had me feeling drawn to move back to the city to update my living space to match the softer side of me who emerged this summer after working with Cristina from Live Love Whole. So I reached out to my rental company to see if it was okay if I painted. A few days later I got an email saying they would pay for the painting AND new lighting and cabinetry. Upgrades I was NOT expecting.

And even more amazing?

I had a friend staying for a few weeks while I was drifting and while she was there she found the type of dresser I had been eyeing and bought it for me, without telling me or knowing that was the dresser I was wanting. She just wanted one to put her clothes in. ;) Thanks Emily!



What I was wanting:

I put this image on my vision board because I wanted a new camera to be creative with. From where I was at the time, the idea of purchasing a camera seemed far off and it was a photo to represent “making it”. Because to have a camera would mean I would have been successful enough to purchase a ‘big ticket’ item and that was exciting to think about.

How it manifested:

Days after putting this image on my vision board, an ex reached out to wish me a Happy New Year and the conversation lead to talking about photography because he took photos when we dated. I don’t remember the specifics but he said he no longer took photos and was trying to sell his camera. I bought it a few days later. I’ve since manifested a few cameras to try and use but I thought it was amazing when it happened because I saw how the universe took the photo literally and how quickly it showed up in the most creative way.



What I was wanting:

I put this image on my vision board because I wanted to travel. I didn’t know where, but I was called to Europe.


In late 2017 one of the diary’s readers reached out and invited me to visit her in Europe. She watched one of my workshops and heard me talk about the castles and she invited me to see them in person. I didn’t have the money to go but decided to add it to my bucket list for 2018. In fact, it was a big reason I created the first version of the Empowered Empath. I wanted to share my knowledge and learnings sooo BADLY because I knew they were life changing and though I would have gladly shared for free because sharing makes me happy, I needed a way to pay for a planet ticket.

Travel then, was the carrot my guides put in front of me to get me to learn to value my gifts and put a price on my knowledge.

A few months later I had a pull to visit Glastonbury, England. I have ancient roots in Avalon and just knew I needed to return there. So I pitched the idea to the diary’s readers to see if they wanted to join for a retreat to discuss being empaths in life and business. They did, so we set it up as a retreat. Long story short, I didn’t make it and you can read all about that here. But like any hardship, I learned a lot about myself by having to face myself and the limits I put in the way of what I’m wanting. The experience also brought me closer to a soul sister by opening space for me to face past life wounding and learn to trust again.



What I was wanting:

I put this image on my vision board because it talked about helping and inspiring others because you are so secure in yourself. And that is what I wanted. I had been through so much since my awakening in 2011 and was ready to teach to support others like me.

How it manifested:

The energy of this image has been with me throughout most of 2018 because it really was the year of me not just finding my own lane, but putting in the ground work to build my own highway.

A process I am so honoured to get to now teach!

Not just through the Empowered Empath, where I support empaths in building up the energetic backbone they need to step into their calling, but also through a second offering called Empaths in Business where I teach those who want to sell their soul (in the best way because our gifts are needed) without ending up drained.

Though the idea to build the Empowered Empath was birthed to help me travel, when I had the idea to create it I felt a strong pull to take the course creation VERY seriously. Something about it felt big to me. So I made a date (even bought myself flowers) to sit down and plan the curriculum. And when I went to open my computer to begin writing, there was a feather laying next to me. I knew in that moment that the course I was creating was going to be a big part of my legacy. I didn’t how, I just knew I was creating what I signed up to create because it was my role to help others get steady.

Empaths in Business happened more spontaneously.

I was laying in the grass with my pup feeling a bit confused on my next moves, so I asked my guides to show me how I was next meant to serve. A few minutes later I got a message from someone asking if I could teach them how I set up my blog to earn a living. The rest is history!

As a Libra Rising I value balance more than anything, and both courses have brought a tremendous amount of balance to my life because I get to teach more Feminine topics in the Empowered Empath and then bring the Masculine skill set to Empaths in Business. It’s a security I was craving for a long time and there is no greater joy than hearing how both have changed lives and helped others feel the same way.



What I was wanting:

I put this image on my vision board because I was ready to take my self-care seriously.

How it manifested:

For most of the year this image sat as a reminder for me to practice self-care, especially as I worked to call in the more masculine side of me when it came to building my business. I’d make it a point to buy myself flowers once a week based on the type of flower calling to me, but it wasn’t until about mid year that I was adding the petals to my bath and realized it looked almost identical to the image on my vision board. Especially with the crystals along the ledge of the tub. So it wasn’t a big ‘manifestation’ per say, but it did feel really special to stop and realize that what I put on my vision board as inspiration naturally took place in front of me because I had learned to take my self care seriously starting with buying flowers for myself weekly.



What I was wanting:

I put these two images on my vision board to symbolize becoming more cognizant of astrology and its impact on my day-to-day. I also added them because they were pretty.

How it manifested:

This manifestation happened quickly! Not hours after I created this vision board my friend Ashley sent me a message asking if I’d like a copy of the astrological report for my sign for 2018. She had been gifted one for her sign (I think!) for Christmas and felt a pull to ask if I wanted one too. I knew about astrology because I could feel things like eclipses and moon cycles intuitively, but I didn’t have all the terminology and that was step one! Since then she has opened my mind to so many amazing aspects of astrology that I didn’t know, which helps me better know myself and serve those drawn to my journey.



What i was wanting:

I put this image on my vision board because I was ready to be valued as a creative - and happy in general. Two areas of life ruled by the Solar Plexus!

How it manifested:

These words manifested the moment I began to affirm them. And though I could give all kinds of examples, as I sit here and write this at the beginning of 2019 I feel blessed to have the life I am currently living where I no longer doubt my creative abilities.

One example that really stands out was learning about my Libra Rising and having validation that my creativity is intellectual because Libra is an air sign and it rules the mental plane. I’ve never felt creative in the sense of being a maker or painter or something tangible, but I have always been incredibly creative in how I show up, advocate, move people and help people through their problems… and realizing this is part of being a Libra Rising really helped solidify that knowing.

And now that I realize the worth of my creativity, the world reflects that back to me through the most incredible community and clients.

AND; I’m happy.


Because I’ve also learned that no one besides myself is responsible for how I feel and I can fall into happiness whenever I want by honouring myself and doing something I love.



What I was wanting:

I put this final image on my vision board because I wanted a year of memories. I wanted to say I looked back on 2018 and really stood in my big moments and felt them. Fully.

How it manifested:

This manifested throughout 2018 in so many ways, but one way it has manifested more recently is with the idea to start ‘Simple Things I Love’ posts on Instagram stories. Every once in a while I take a photo of my surroundings and stop to BE present in what I’m observing — because I realized the little things are the big things and that those words stop being cliche when you stop and realize how much they really mean.

I started this practice during a really sad moment in September when I began to burn out from thinking too much. The world felt big and I felt alone in the change I was trying to make. I had a lot of tears but was frustrated because I couldn’t pin point what was wrong. I just knew I was so, very overwhelmed and the tears wouldn’t stop. So I texted an ex who is a chiropractor asking for his help because I had read about chiropractic being helpful for emotional release. Long story short, he offered to share his gifts to adjust me back into balance (and it helped!!!) and then we got lunch, and the day felt so special because it was just love and us being in that moment spoke to how far I have come in asking for help and how far we’ve come as friends through so much trauma we caused one another in this lifetime and so many others.

So I took a photo on my walk home and posted it to Instagram stories with a list of things about that day that I loved.


Now we’re here, at the beginning of a new year with a whole new vision board to live out.

And if you’re part of the diary’s email community, you know this year I’m focusing on my Self-Worth. Last year it was Safety and Security and 2019 is all about learning to not doubt all the good I’ve been and will be receiving. And one of the ways this has already started manifesting for me was by getting really, really sick the past few days and not being able to publish this post when I wanted to because I had to remember that I am more than what I can do.

The more I pushed, the worse I got.

An article about vision boards and how to manifest as an empath,

Which is how the non-physical works.

If Self-Worth is what I want, the universe is going to show me what’s in the way of me having it. And for me, it’s believing worth comes from doing. Showing up is important but I can also slow down and do things when I feel inspired rather than when I feel I should and still be good. So it made me ill so I couldn’t do anything and I learned that the world didn’t fall apart.

Every single thing that happens after we ask for something is moving us closer to what we are wanting, but only if we know how to recognize and celebrate it, rather than wish things were different.

Like being unable to afford to travel and having that be the fire that moves you to build a course that helps serve others the way you were wanting to, or getting really overwhelmed by the big picture to have a day that makes you appreciate the little things because moments to remember is what you hoped to manifest in your world.

It’s all happening for us.

So my question to you, is are you honouring this?

Or are you waiting wishing for things to happen for you and not noticing how the minute you ask things to improve the non-physical shows up to show you your next moves?

If the latter, my workshop on Manifesting as an Empath will help you understand why it’s so important to see the moments that aren’t working as things working out perfectly — and take action accordingly.

Here’s the link!

It walks you through the step-by-step of manifestation and makes the Law of Attraction easy.

So this time next year YOU can look back and be so happy at how your vision board manifested its way into your reality.

Happy New Year!

Hope it’s all you’re wishing for and more, and that if you too have a vision board for 2019 you come share with me on Instagram!

I love getting to know you.