Feeling a pull to learn more about your team in non-physical?


Hear people talking about connecting with their guides & find yourself curious about how to work with yours? Even if it is a bit woo?

Or maybe you’re just ready for some help with what it is you’re trying to do?

Join me for a REAL TALK workshop all about our GUIDES AND ANGELS.

I’ll be sharing stories about the beings I work with, have worked with, and am currently working to develop my connection with, plus my process for connecting so you can adopt it in your life too! And since it can be a bit much, you’ll get a cheatsheet for knowing which beings are best for each life situation. Like, the Arcturians for getting things DONE and the Goddess Kuan Qin to bring healing to difficult childhood memories. Or Archangel Uriel for giving you inspiration when it comes to your life purpose/mission.

We’ll also be chatting energetic protection and how to discern the helpful from the beings who don’t have your best interest at heart. All while staying grounded in the real world, because knowing about our team is helpful but we came to be a human being and it’s important to stay present in the here and now.

It will be a take what you need and leave the rest kind of workshop in honour of the feminine energy and her connection to the unseen.


$47 USD




Runtime: 1 hour

To support a variety of timezones and schedules, the workshop will be prerecorded and made available for two weeks.

After purchase goes through I’ll send you a link and password to use anytime between 7pm (AST) Saturday, Jan. 19th and Sunday, Feb. 3rd at midnight. Please allow for 24 hours for link to arrive in inbox and be sure to check spam and promotions folders.

Though the workshop itself will only be available for a limited time, you’ll be able to download the cheatsheet and keep it for as long as you need to!