Read This If ‘Living Your Purpose’ Isn’t Working

If you’ve been following my journey, you know I’ve known I’ve had a purpose since I was an infant.

A mission.

Something I was here to be doing.

And I was deeply depressed until I started living it, because it is who I am, and it is why I am here on this planet.

And not living it created a void in me that nothing filled - until I started speaking.


Sharing the skills I’ve learned that help make being an empath a good thing.


Anyone who knows they are here for a reason knows that reason sits in your bones and makes you miserable.

It consumes you.

Sometimes slowly;

a slow leak;

where one day you realize you’ve been drowning.

For others, it’s more sudden.

A breakup causes a breakthrough, or something else shifts you.

And you realize you can’t keep living the way you were.

So you vow to change.

You vow to take your calling seriously.

You take the leap.

Or, plan to change something. Anything. Because living the way you are is hurting. 

And it’s a beautiful feeling of being freed, until you have to face reality. 

Things like bills,


or lack of motivation because who are you to succeed?

Then things become scary.

Because we live on a planet that’s not always ready for what you have to say.

We live on a planet that doesn’t believe in the way you experience things.

We live on a planet that doesn’t value your expertise.

A world that expects your beautiful gifts be given for free; aren’t you a spiritual being? “Kind hearts don’t care about money.”

And you realize living your calling isn’t as easy as so many were saying.

You realize that it’s going to take more than you were expecting.

And it is.

You’re going to need a backbone.

You’re going to need to know how to stand your ground.

Speak up for yourself.

Be bold.

Especially when no one understands the plans you have for this world.

And money;

you’re going to need to learn to earn it.

To set boundaries.

And know that you are worth SO much more than just being good at helping, because groceries: you can’t pay for those in thank yous.


I first wrote these words on Instagram because the other morning I received an email that was so simple, but it meant the world to me because it spoke to how I’ve changed.

She was thanking me, 

and paying me,

for being me.

And that hit me because so many said I couldn’t do this and I proved them wrong,



I built one and with it a lifestyle that allows me to do what I want.

Where I’m paid to be honest, and speak from my heart, and give back, and be love.

I was told I wouldn’t make it.

And for a while I believed it - until I decided I didn’t. And that’s when things shifted.

That’s when I started making money, started sharing the controversial things, started spending my days my way; creating new things. New things for this planet. That's when I started feeling me. Feeling seen. Feeling healthy and at peace.

And I know so many of you are the same.

I know you know you too have a mission but something still needs shifting.

The backbone needs building.

Because you know you too are needed.

But things aren't yet working.

And you are getting frustrated because to show up how you're meant to is all you are wanting.

And it’s my hope you realize you’re worth it, because in a few days I’m leading another group of empaths through the exact process I’ve taken to build up a skill set to accomplish all the things I’ve mentioned.

The skill set to get myself steady so I could show up and change things.

We go from Root to Throat (chakra) and build the backbone you will need, because this isn’t easy, and anyone who says it is is only sharing their wins.

We are shifting a paradigm and that takes strength.

It takes us being empowered.

It takes us saying ‘no thanks’ and using our tools to do what it is we want to.

So I hope you’ll join me, because I know you know we have big work to do and that can’t happen until we, ourselves, first feel secure.

Here’s the link to check out everything we’ll cover.