A New Beginning

It’s live!

The new diary.

Filled to the brim with the feeling of the world I want to live in.

It’s also two months late, and I want to talk a bit about that because it’s late because I felt safe. Having the cover-page up on this site allowed me to breathe in a way I haven’t breathed for almost two years because I knew no one was reading my story.

And I wanted to stay in those waters a little while.

Because it reminded me of the sacredness of sharing myself with the world.

And through that, the worth of my words.

Feeling free showed me just how many people I had been supporting.

In many ways, I’ve felt like a bird right before he takes off. When he flaps his wings to build up a bit of momentum; when he’s building up the courage to keep going.

That’s what I was doing.

Launching so many ‘false’ starts to prep myself for sharing the new diary with the world. Like Oils for Empaths and another round of the Empowered Empath. I even led a group of empaths through the process of building their own intuitive business model.

I was doing everything to avoid coming back to this space.

I was doing everything I could to stay safe.

Because I knew what coming back to this space would mean:

a new me.

A me who has changed tremendously.

A me who knows who she is. A me who is steady, regardless of what the world thinks. A me who knows her worth and is no longer settling - for anything. Especially as it relates to my work and how I work.

A softer version I left behind in my pursuit to fit in; the feminine side my soul has craved to live in.

Because the feminine has risen,

and with it a masterpiece,

filled with pressed flowers, guidance cards and a passionate drive to continue to support you all in what it is you are birthing by means of your intuition.

So welcome back!

To this space created to house my thoughts and guide you into your truth with my words.

The words I was given to change how this world works.



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