Masculine & Feminine Energies

Something I’ve been skirting around for the last year has been the Masculine and Feminine energies. I haven’t checked, but it’s safe to say I mentioned the two archetypes (the ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’) in every post I’ve written in all of 2018 (including this post where I talked about calling in my inner Masculine and this poem where my inner Masculine and inner Feminine finally started getting along) — because this year has been about learning balance.

First within, and now with each other.


Reduces to an 11.

Which reduces further to a 2.

2s represent balance, partnership and union in numerology.

As we come to the end of the year, you might be looking back on the past 11 months thinking… what the?

You’ve probably had to face immense lessons that pushed you so far outside of your comfort zone. Lessons that had you thinking one thing, only to turn you around and have you believing in another. You’ve probably also had to learn a skill-set that feels so distant and… off. For a wave of us, that’s been the Masculine skill-set. Like goal setting, productivity and the value of money. For the Masculine collective, it’s been about expression and trusting in the more spiritual side of things.

Because the Masculine collective is waking up.

They are meeting us (I channel the Feminine) where we are at because we’ve been working to learn their skill-set. It’s an energetic exchange we weren’t always conscious of.

In many ways, those who carry Feminine codes have had to re-learn how to be human.

We’ve had to learn to be here, now.

To be steady and confident in who we are.

And it hasn’t been easy.

For many of us, early 2017 sent us into our upper chakras and awakened our spiritual gifts, and the end of 2017 saw our lives crumble to learn that having spiritual gifts wasn’t enough.

Not here, not now.

So life sent us situations to learn to call in our inner Masculine — to learn how to ground ourselves and exist as ‘spiritual people’ in the ‘real world’. To heal humanity and have money for groceries… or big dreams and a plan to make them reality. Because the internal world creates the external world and we had to build up our inner Masculine so the ‘actual’ Masculine can now step forward.

Because up until now he’s (the energy, not the gender) been keeping us grounded. Those who carry the prominent Masculine codes have been in the real world, doing ‘real world’ things so we (the Feminine) could rise up. At times it has been frustrating and lonely, but the beauty of balance is that needing to learn their skill-set (to keep ourselves afloat) taught us love. Unconditional love, because through their skill-set we saw first hand the beauty of who they are.

If you’re a twinflame, you’ve experienced this quite literally; needing to learn your counterpart’s skill-set began the process of letting them back in. Energetically, and for some, now here beside you on the earth plane.

If you aren’t a twinflame, this is meant more general.

It was through learning our weaknesses that we were taught the worth of another’s strength, and through that we’ve been learning to dance. To co-exist. To value BALANCE. We’ve had to realize that it’s impossible to be good at everything, and that believing we do (need to be good at everything) is just the ego’s way of keeping us from our potential, because it keeps us separate.

It keeps us from asking for help.

And relying on one another.

And coming together.

Next year is the year of expression.

It’s a 3 year.

And as a world we are going to begin the process of birthing SO many beautiful creations on this planet, because we’ve learned to bridge our differences.

For some, this will be a spiritual business, where your healing gifts (the Feminine) will be supported by ‘the Masculine’ — either a person or through foundations like sales funnels. For others, it will be organizations and government where your dominant strengths (either Masculine or Feminine) will team up with the strengths of another. We’ll also be birthing babies; Starseed children, who’s vibration requires parents who are balanced in unconditional love because they love and respect what each has to share with one another.

But these things can’t happen until we pass the tests of 2018.

The tests of balance.

Inner balance.

Which is why so many of us have been feeling triggered… all year long, but especially since October. This is also why so many of us have had the wounds of our dominant collective (be it the ‘Feminine’ or the ‘Masculine’ collective, wherever we feel most resonate) come up for healing. That’s what Venus Retrograding through Scorpio (hidden wounds) and then Libra (harmony) these past 40 days and 40 nights has been all about.

We are evening the playing field by facing ourselves.

Because we can’t be in partnership if we still have deep wounds hiding out. Otherwise, we’ll just continue to trigger each other and put up defences in fear of being hurt.

So they have to come up!

As individuals — and as collectives.

And they are.

Left, right and centre.

So we, as world, can begin the process of moving forward, together.

If you’re curious, here is an excellent resource for learning which energy (the Masculine or the Feminine) you naturally embody as well as the dominant wounds you’ve agreed to carry — and here’s a workbook for working through any triggers those wounds might ignite in you over these last few weeks of 2018.

Happy healing!



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