Patience, and Why I Haven't Been Writing

Where do I start? It’s been months!

Two to be exact.

And then a month between posts before that.

c/o Katherine Gillis Photography

c/o Katherine Gillis Photography

As someone with a bio that reads ‘I write for empaths’ I haven’t been doing my job. And for the first time I’ve been okay with that because my spirit knew I needed time inside my own heart.

I needed space to figure things out.

Because this work is hard.

And when you’re making moves in front of an audience it’s really easy to turn what you do into an art.

A performance.

And as lovely as it is to perform, I never want to be someone who puts on a show.

I’m here to be real.

I get nauseous if I can’t be myself.

So I stepped back to make sure the life I was building was a life that I want.

You might have felt something similar?

This summer had us navigating the truth of who we are; and for many of us that meant facing our shadow. We had to sit in our wounding and be honest about what was and was not working anymore.

Life sent me people, places and situations to remind me of feelings I hid from myself lifetimes ago.

Like the truth about who I love.

And why I have such a difficult time letting him know.

I also got clear about how I’m still playing small, and with Nevica Vazquez’s help learned to package my heart in a way that doesn’t burn me out… because all I want to do is help those like me feel less alone.

I want to share what I know.

I want every person who comes across my work to have hope.

But I also want a life outside this world.

I don’t want to take on everyone else’s pain anymore. I don’t even want to celebrate my own.

I just want to enjoy being human and give those I love (that’s you) a foundation so they too can launch themselves forward. And I’m so proud of the changes we’ve made to my work, and how much more streamlined it will be when my new site launches… soon.

Which leads me to the title of this post:


Because my site didn’t launch when it was supposed to.

It was slated for August 31st.

And in all honesty, I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

It’s beaaaautiful.

(Sam… from Revamp Amor is incredible.)

And honest.

Like a page ripped from my journal.

But something is holding me back, and so I’ve decided to let my timing go.

I’ve decided to flow.

A feeling the Aries in me doesn’t like at all.

She feels stuck.


And just wants to goooooo.

But I’ve been reminding her that the best things take time and that without the proper foundation, a house will crumble.

And that makes me feel better because I want the new diary to feel like home to you all. I want my words to feel like your own. Because they are. Together we’re writing how this story goes.

So that’s where I’ve been, and that’s what I’ve been up to!

Here on the other end of the screen living my life and healing a bit too; excited about what’s to come but aware that turning the page means a whole new chapter to live out.

A chapter I’m not sure I’m ready for just yet.

And that’s okay.

Because this is our story and it’s okay to go slow.

To be sure.

Regardless of what we’ve been told.



On September 14th the Oils for Empaths line launched! I didn’t even get a chance to share with my email list before it sold out. But no worries because we will be launching another batch soon! Come say HI on Instagram to get the first word.

I also want to send the biggest thank you to Cristina from Live Love Whole for holding me this summer as I worked through lifetimes of trauma weighing heavy on my soul. I knew I needed you the moment I met your energy on YouTube, but I didn’t know just how real that realization was. Thank you for showing me myself and teaching me the truth about LOVE. I love you.

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