Fairies: On being open minded and curious

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be blogging about fairies.

I guess I never would've thought I would be blogging about ghosts, angels and aliens either. But once your mind is opened to an energetic understanding of the world, nothing seems "too strange" to consider. So here are my thoughts on fairies, the world's beautiful nature energies here to protect and honour anything and everything to do with Mother Earth. I am not a fairy expert but I am openminded and curious. If there are any fairy experts out there stumbling across this blog, I'd love to pick your brain! Feel free to correct me on any information provided on this post. 

A post about connecting to the fairy realms and how I'm using fairy guidance to become a better vegan, www.thediaryofanempath.com


Fairies seem a bit out there to most people and if we are being honest while I've always wished they were real and have been told by countless intuitives that I've lived many past lives as fae (did I lose you? haha) I still felt unsure if I could believe in them or not.

This was until I came across a blog called messagesfromthefairies.com in 2015. The author, Erin, does a weekly card reading and her accuracy along with her passion for fairies and fairy energy made me curious to learn more. I returned to her blog week after week, slowly opening up to fairies being a real thing. I felt as if part of me resonated with them but part of me also resisted. Historically, fairies have a bad rep. They are the trouble makers in folklore and are known to hide things and create problems if they feel they are being taken advantage of OR if someone is not being kind to animals or the planet. They are especially popular in Nordic folklore and maybe, because I feel I've definitely had a past life in Scandinavia, I've had a bad experience with them? Or maybe, I've just been conditioned to believe they are trouble and make-believe because of the myths circulating our world. Either way, it took me a while to open up to the idea of wanting to connect with them even after stumbling across Erin and her blog.

But things have been changing and I think it has to do with my decision to become an informed vegan. 

I've been transitioning to veganism for a few months now and while I rarely consume meat (never beef or pork) and prefer to avoid animal products all together, I am still growing into the lifestyle. One of my goals for 2017 is to become even more informed and intentional about what I consume and on December 31st I found myself in a cute magic shop talking fairies and how to attract them with the shop owner. The universe is magical like that. When we take responsibility and ask for help, the universe sends us what need to align with our goals. Fairies oversee animals and the earth so it's no surprise I attracted a conversation about them when I was looking to become a more informed and aware consumer; their energy and support will help me better reach my goal of becoming more conscious about what I eat and wear.

Let's start at the beginning: What is a fairy?

Fairies are the energy that exists is in everything nature-related here on planet earth. They exist in the physical realm/earth plane with us human beings. According to my research, they don't have physical bodies but do physically manifest, which means us humans are capable of seeing them... most of us just don't because we've been taught to believe they aren't real. It's believed fairies and humans co-inhabited the same realm for years (search Avalon if you're interested in learning more about that) but something happened to separate them. From my understanding, fairies now exist in a 5th dimensional realm and us humans are only just progressing into a 4th dimensional realm. 

Fairies are major manifestors. They exist to think and speak things into being. Maybe this is why I've always known we could manifest our realities. I remember being a kid feeling frustrated that I couldn't just make things happen the way I thought I should be able to. I felt frustrated at how slow earth and us humans were to make things happen! 

For every type of thing you can imagine: rocks, animals, plants, mountains, rivers, electricity, glass, fabric, concrete, alcohol – we are the beings, the entities, the energy that represents all of these things. That’s why some of you have the understanding that we are tree spirits, flower faeries, water nymphs and so on. There is truth to that understanding, but we would really like you to see the bigger picture and to understand how we are everything. There are faeries that represent all the types of flowers and trees, but there is also a faerie for each type of animal, each type of body of water, each rock, each crystal, every gust of wind, and the warmth from the sun. There are even glass faeries, concrete faeries and rubber faeries. Honestly, imagine a type of faerie and it exists.
— Erin, Messages from the Faeries

How to connect with fairies? 

Because fairies play an important role overseeing Mother Earth, they like to connect with humans IF the humans they are connecting with are also interested in protecting her. We all have free will so similar to connecting with the Angelic realm, we have to ask to connect with fairies. Unlike Angels, fairies will only connect and assist if they feel welcomed and appreciated. Which is what my conversation at the magic shop was all about. Apparently one of the best ways to attract fairy energy into your life is to create an offering filled with sweet treats. I filled mine (in picture above) with an organic tea and a piece of muffin. Beside the offering I also placed emerald, two red jasper and clear quartz, and left a note introducing myself and stating I have an open mind and would like to receive help in my continued transition into veganism.  

Whats next? 

Because this is my first time trying to engage with fairy energy I don't know what's next but I assume their assistance is similar to Angelic assistance in that it comes in very gentle, guiding ways. I have noticed a ball of energy in and around my apartment that likes to move very fast. It feels different than anything I've clairvoyantly picked up on before and I'm hoping it's a fairy accepting my request for support - but who knows! 

It can feel silly putting myself and my belief that fairies could be real out to the world, but I know that's just because it isn't something we talk about in our every day. We grew up being told fairies (and anything else I'm aware of and openminded to) were imaginary and make-believe and that those who believed in them were naive and strange. 

Thankfully this is changing.

A study recently came out that 'proves' those who believe in energy are no less cognitively competent than those who don't. There are differences in analytical abilities, with those who don't believe in energy and 'energetic beings' having greater logistical skills. This makes sense. Because logical thinking is associated with the left brain and those who have a strong intuition and an openness to things that cannot be easily explained by science have a strong right brain. Neither right brained people or left brained people are 'more right', 'more smart' or 'less naive' - they are just different. In a left brained world, a world that values quantitative data and scientific proof, it can seem that those who are more right brained are less 'smart' and more 'naive' but we have to remember that is all a social construction. We need all types in this world and I'm honoured to belong to the type that is both openminded and critical of the world we grew up being taught to believe. 

If any part of this post resonated with you - I encourage you to learn more. Especially if you are also in the process of becoming a more aware consumer or are passionate about environmental/animal rights. There is a whole world of experts out there passionately sharing their experience to make our world a better place. Some are listed below.

Happy New Year and see you back here soon!




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