Empaths and People Pleasing

Empath Full Moon Routine, Virgo Full Moon March 2018.jpg

Tonight’s full moon is in Virgo.

And as promised in yesterday's Self-Care Reminder, I'm using today's post to share with you my current Full Moon Routine.

The moon represents the shadow side in traditional Tarot and its energy is potent when it comes to manifestation because knowing what sign a full moon resides in gives us HUGE clues into what we are being asked to grow through at the time of its full illumination.

Virgos are perfectionists. 

So if you’re someone who has perfectionist tendencies, insecurities are working overtime to get you to notice how they are holding you back. And if you aren't naturally perfectionistic, any area of your life that is governed by a lack of self-esteem is coming up so you can clear the lack-energy that surrounds it. 

And for Empaths this lack energy usually manifests as people pleasing and poor boundaries.

Before we learn not to, we put all of our worth into another's needs.

We feel most valuable when we are self-sacrificing because we've learned that our worth comes from giving our love away and when we get tired or don't want to do something, we feel mean and unaccommodating.

So trust that if you're an Empath and your tendency to self-sacrifice is getting in the way of you up-levelling your life and manifesting your dreams, this full moon is illuminating what needs to change.

Because things DO need to change.

We can't have happy, healthy lives without strong boundaries.

We can't have happy, healthy lives if we fear being mean.


If you don't know what a boundary is, I cover them step-by-step in Boundaries 101, a free mini course in my Resource Library. Check it out - and then take a peek at the Empowered Empath Journalling course - we talk boundaries (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) when we chat the Solar Plexus and self-worth in the fourth of the six weeks.


Now to tonight's full moon routine!

Along with being perfectionists, Virgos are incredibly down-to-Earth beings! They are all about things being practical and low key. They embody simple living. Also - because this moon is happening at the start of a new month (fresh start) and the last full moon was at the very end of January (endings) the practical energy feels directly associated with new physical beginnings.

To honour this I planted lemon seeds! 

Because lemons are the colour of the Solar Plexus Chakra (and I'm continuing to up-level my own self-worth and boundaries) and are used for detoxing (new beginnings) and a plant is a real, live, tangible thing! Perfect for this Virgo energy. The lemon seeds will sprout and the growing lemon plants will be a good real world reminder of the growth I too am undergoing.

Under the lemon seeds (in the soil) I buried a note thanking the non-physical in advance for help with what I'm currently manifesting.

I also took myself to the beach and out for tea!


The Virgo full moon energy will extend over the next two days, giving you lots of time to do make your own routine or do a similar thing.

And don't forget to use the potency of this moon to set some self-serving boundaries.