the diary of an empath



Do you hide parts of yourself because you’re afraid of what others might think?

or live a life less than what you want because others don’t agree?

A meditation album to help you speak up. For yourself and the purpose you came to live out.


With the help of meditations, activations and beautiful healing music, together we’ll drop the people pleasing, the overcompensating and the fears that keep you from who you really are: a wayshower here to help us all move forward



A meditation album to support you in speaking your truth. Includes tracks for saying no, asking for MORE, remembering and forgiving past life wounds, working through fear of judgement and ridicule, moving through imposture syndrome, connecting to Mother Earth for safety and support, transmuting anger into purposeful action and aligning with your unique purpose and role. (Digitial Download)


12-track album + healing package

In addition to the original 9-track album, you’ll also receive 3 additional tracks: a Higher Self Activation, a Deep Energy Clearing and a chanting track of healing affirmations, plus a healing package mailed to you that includes an azurite, a throat chakra stone given to me when I first started writing the diary. Package will be personalized to you and handpicked with respect to your healing wish.


*By purchasing you agree you have read and understood the diary’s Terms + Conditions. Receive a complimentary healing track at this link.