Shift This About Your Mindset & Watch Life Start Blooming

A blog post talking about how I succeed with using the law of attraction to manifest my dreams

Earlier this week I did what I thought I wouldn't do and reopened an Instagram account. 

I deleted the diary's original IG account last summer and something has been pulling at me to return to the platform, so I finally gave in and took the leap Sunday.

(And by leap, I mean.. told a few of my most active e-mail readers about a quiet account I created to share more openly about the things that go on behind the scenes of maintaining the diary... but that didn't sound as provoking... aha...)

And, it's been interesting, because now that I've returned I'm hearing how inspiring it was that I stepped away. It's rare for online entrepreneurs/influencers to not have social media followings and people were intrigued by how mysterious I was online and inspired by how I was able to 'find success' without an Instagram following. 

So I wanted to write a post about that because having you guys realize I found success without succumbing to what was expected of me when it didn't fit me, is really, really important, especially when it comes to being the change we want to see.

The personal is the political.

If we want this world to change, we have to first change.

And we do that by getting out of the rut society has put us in and realizing we exist in a zero limit reality where the only limit to the conditions in which we succeed is what we choose to believe.

I didn't need an Instagram to succeed with the diary because I chose to believe an Instagram account was unnecessary.



Instagram has always felt really heavy to me.

It's a breeding ground for wounds.

And when I had my old account I couldn't help but feel lack (of self-worth, confidence, love) in the hearts of the people behind the images I was scrolling through and I couldn't help but want to save everybody with my energy.

I also struggled with the idea of putting numbers on influence because the most influential people I know could care less about social media or technology and actually live off grid in the woods.

But I tried my best to keep up with it because I thought I needed to be present on platforms like Instagram to be successful at what my heart was asking of me.

Then one day it all became too much and I felt a rush to delete my Instagram and wipe my social media presence clean. 

I needed to drop off grid.

I needed to breathe.

So I did!

I clicked delete and took the biggest breath feeling really, really free.

I had doubts about what deleting my social media accounts would do for the diary's growth and the message I was trying to relay but I knew thoughts became things and I could CHOOSE to be successful without being drained.

The first few days were like withdrawing from an addiction.

I didn't know how to be a blogger without others immediately validating me.

But I carried on, stayed steady in my vision to move people with my message and started showing up for what was showing up for me.


An idea to learn about Pinterest for traffic generation.

A pull to create courses to convert readers into a loving community.

Sending heart energy to the hearts I wanted to reach to allow spirit to market for me.

And I quickly began to realize that my belief that I could find success another way was a very real thing, and that I didn't need to be on a platform that sucked the life force out of me.

Because it was only after I deleted my Instagram and started following the other steps that showed up for me that I saw my blog's traffic really increase.

It turns out the majority of the people I am here to support don't like Instagram. So no matter how perfect the image or caption, the hearts I most wanted to serve wouldn't find me on that platform, because the hearts I most wanted to serve were living life quietly.

(Which is why I love Pinterest for my marketing, because Pinterest is a search engine that's a really quiet way for newly realized empaths to find the information/stories they need to better understand their experience while also trying to stay incognito about what it is they are experiencing because it can be terrifying.)

But this is where my road to success gets a bit confusing... 

Because as I gained more and more website traffic, I started giving more and more of my energy to those finding me through my more aligned traffic streams. This combined with some heavy life events caused my self-sacrificing tendencies to get the best of me and I ended up burnt out, following my guidance to archive the diary.

It was gut-wrenching. 

And the first few days post-archive felt empty, but I decided my set back was a step back and that I was going to learn my lessons and remerge a more empowered being.

And that decision... similar to the decision I made that I was going to succeed with or without Instagram... is why I am here in a really great place (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially) writing to you today.


I didn't need Instagram to grow the diary because I was able to recognize it wasn't for me and choose to have success manifest anyway. The same as I was able to walk away from the diary a couple months ago and return and surpass what I thought I'd achieve.

My set backs don't define me.

They inspire me!

And with my Venus, Mars and Moon signs in Aries, I was made to light up what needs to burn down and through the flames birth new, more aligned and supportive beginnings.

Again and again.

As many times as it takes to move myself, my clients and this world into a higher way of being.

I want to live my life, not the life society has set out for me, and that requires I be okay with taking a million steps back and things getting messy, because unlearning what we've been taught as truth takes a complete rewiring.

So I just follow my gut, make spontaneous decisions and choose that I'll be successful no matter the mess I get myself in.

It takes guts.

But if you are serious about manifesting the life of your dreams, it's a quality you NEED to embody.


The first intuitive to ever read my energy told me to believe in myself and everything would change.

And it's true.

If you believe in what society tells you you need to do to be successful, you will only ever be successful the way it allows you to. But if you remember that this is a zero limit reality and believe in yourself and your ability to CHOOSE to be successful regardless of what you do and do not do by society's standards, you can manifest a life that's honest to who you are and what you're wanting.

Remembering that nothing ever changes by staying the same.

And this world will not change until us change-makers change by believing ourselves to success and using our success stories as pavement for a new way of being.


Self-honesty is really important to me and I can't be honest with myself and act on my honesty (by doing things like making the spontaneous decision to delete my social media) if I am worried that I might fail if I do things differently. 

So I just do what I want and expect that it will work out for me.

No matter how grim things may feel or how difficult the initial transition is to make.

When I didn't like Instagram, I got off Instagram.

When my blog became too much, I walked away.

Two decisions that should have toppled me, but actually made me better because I decided to be successful anyway.

What we believe about this world is what we will create.

So decide what you want and challenge the things you've been taught to believe about that something. This will help you believe in the endless routes to success, rather than believe in what you've been taught by those not yet awakened.  

Believe that whatever lifestyle you want to create is inevitable if only you stay true to yourself, act on your intuition (those impulses that go against the grain!) and know that you really can be/have/do whatever you want, so long as your thoughts first decide it's possible.

Hope this helped in some way!



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