the masculine and feminine energies and why your business isn't working (yet)

When I first met my partner (a fellow entrepreneurial soul) we were talking about how we each got our start in business. And for him it was making cold calls. And I thought, oh no. Definitely not. That wouldn’t work with my skillset.

For me, it started internal.

I needed to know my worth, first and foremost,

and create a foundation (website and signature offering) that felt like my authentic truth.

Because I am the feminine energy and the feminine energy magnetizes our customers and clients when we realize the imporantance of our work. The masculine, goes after what it wants. The feminine calls it in. And unfortunately, I see so many empaths trying to do the opposite: trying to succeed by becoming more masculine and forgetting that just being themselves is what calls sales in and trying ‘too hard’ actually dampens them.

In this podcast episode I take this further and explain the masculine and feminine energies and how they are showing up in your world - and how they show up in business too. And how to embody more of who you are: a magnetic feminine with people waiting on you.



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