the diary of an empath

Are you an empath?


Maybe you Stumbled across the word empath and wonder if you might be one? Or you’ve been on this journey for a while but still question that deep pull of inner knowing?


The questioning is normal.

Because “being an empath” isn’t something we grow up learning — and learning about energy can be a bit confusing. But here's the thing! Figuring out whether or not you're an empath doesn't have to be challenging, because the proof you’re searching for is found in your chakra system.


a free
email course

To help you better understand who you are and what you’re experiencing, I’ve created a short seven day course to teach you about the empath chakra system and how to nurture it with tools, tips and care. You’ll also learn how to know if you are or aren’t an empath incase you’re needing that knowledge too.



The course is entirely free and meant to give you the tools you’ll need to better understand yourself and your abilities. For the next seven days I'll pop into your inbox with information on each of the seven earth-based chakras to share their traits and how they show up in us empaths. You'll also get a worksheet to assess your personal chakra system plus a copy of the empath chakra pattern to compare yours to the patterning found in those with empath abilities. And because our chakras and their health determines our reality, empath or not, you’ll learn how I’ve used what I teach about the chakras to clean up my life, manifest amazing opportunities and step confidently into my calling.