the diary of an empath

The world is waking up & with it, many empaths and the awareness of who we really are.

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Here to reclaim our power & show the rest of the world, theirs.

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a journaling course for empaths

As an empath, you have a set path. Something specific to your soul and skill-set you incarnated to do. You’ve felt this. You know this. The knowing of purpose is so deeply ingrained in your bones. But if I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s that we cannot change this world until we first change our own.


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the empath podcast, Robin Scott of the diary of an empath

The EMPATH Podcast

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A podcast to help you understand your abilities, set strong boundaries and step confidently into your calling.


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Empaths in Business

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"As an empath you have a set path" and for many of us that requires selling ourselves.



Manifest as an Empath

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Over the next hour and a half I am going to walk you through the manifestation process - start to finish - and show you just how simple the law for attraction can be when you ‘get it’ (it being how being an empath is an absolute ASSET.) A practicial, down-to-earth guide for those ready to start letting life be easy.



oils for Empaths

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Essential oil blends created for empaths and our unique set of energetic and emotional needs. Shop blends for grounding, personal power, self worth & boundaries, self love & forgiveness, authenticity and intuition.

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tools and resources for empaths

Support Library

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From learning how to read your astrology chart to a glimpse at my morning routine and the gemstones I use for healing, the library is filled with support for your journey.



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One of my favourite ways to connect is through my email list where I write helpful emails sharing my best tips and tools to support you and what you're growing through. We'd love to have you!







Are you an Empath?

Learn about the Empath Chakra System and how to nurture it with tools, tips and care. You’ll also learn the secret for knowing if you aren’t an empath so you can finally know for sure.

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How to find your life purpose as an Empath

In search of your purpose? Find these four things and it will flow to you effortlessly.

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the diary

my story written to reflect, inspirE AND EMPOWER yours.