The diary of an empath caters to - but is not limited to! - women in their early through late twenties who are passionate about an intentional life. If you are passionate about mental health, personal growth, self-love, spiritual practice, energy work, nutrition/veganism and advocacy - human rights, animal rights, planet rights - please send a concise pitch to 

Guest post guidelines:

When submitting an idea for a post, please keep in mind:

  • All posts need to be intentional: The diary of an empath strives to make the world a better place by spreading empowering energy and/or encouraging personal/collective growth.

  • Word length: 750-1000 words. 

  • Attach 1-2 photos: Photos you've taken yourself are ideal. However stock photos will also be considered if they are a good match for the message of your post. *If you are using stock photos remember they need to be commercial free use. All photos need to be high quality. 

If your pitch is accepted, together we will decide on a publish date. Post will be due a week prior, because as we all know, life sometimes gets in the way - and I'm a worry wart!