to Aug 18

Vision Board Party

New to manifesting?

Or struggling to believe the law of attraction is actually a thing? Or maybe you have a vision board that’s collecting dust because you got inspired, created it and then didn’t see anything happen?

Long story short: I get manifesting.

And vision boards and working with them, is a language I know how to speak.

So much that every year I make one and glue it to the front of my agenda - and this year everything manifested. By May.

So I’m making a new one.

And inviting you!

To see my process and learn how I brought my desires into my life so quickly - so you can too!

There will be a step-by-step workbook andI’ll be sharing the one thing (I’ve learned) that determines whether or not your desires will manifest for you.

Workshop is free!

However there will be a donation link at the event if you feel called. No pressure. All donations will go towards supporting puppies and dogs at shelters in my hometown as it’s one of my visions to see us all healthy 🐶


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