Join me for a vision board party in support of pups in need!

Where I’m sharing the exact step-by-step I use at the end of every month to set my next month goals, streamline my schedule and tell the universe EXACTLY how to deliver my dreams.

Empaths and Manifestation, how I create my vision boards

Dreams don't work unless you do.

So you'll not only get the woo (I'm walking you through my exact vision board process!) but you'll also learn how I USE my vision board to goal-set my months to success here in the real world. 


‣ the reflection exercise I use to always ensure my next month is more successful than my last

‣ a prayer I use to stay aligned with my highest path (so my goals can’t help but be aligned)

‣ the best hack I’ve been taught for outsourcing the goals that require miracles ;)

‣ an 18-page workbook (value: $35 USD) you can use again and again and again

‣ a real world look at what I'm currently working to call in (in business and life!) + the exact steps I'll be taking incase you want to snag some of them for yourself ;)

The energy is like any introvert's party would be; low-key and cozy! Just me sitting in my bedroom, sharing my screen and my best tips and stories.



Workshop is $20.00 and you can access it with the BUY NOW button below.

Runtime: 1 hour.

*Once purchased you'll be able to access the workshop until it is no longer offered through my space. You also have full permission to download/print the workbook as many times as needed.





(REMINDER: After you pay through PayPal, click 'return to The Diary of An Empath' - that's the party link!)



A portion of proceeds will be donated monthly to a local dog rescue organization near and dear to my heart to provide emergency medical attention, good food and toys. <3 

If you want organization specifics, feel free to e-mail me! The organization is local and I'm keeping details quiet for privacy + protection.

How to make a vision board,