Empaths and TwinFlames,

2018 is an 11 year, the year of divine partnership and union. To honour this energy I am now working 1:1 with Empaths called to the Twin Flame journey; those ready to step into their power as Feminine beings AND learn the Masculine skill-set needed for physical reunion.

Together we will:

  • strengthen your Feminine archetype and get you on track with your life purpose/mission
  • release the shadow Masculine you are carrying from past lives as a Masculine being - most 'Divine' Feminines were men in past lives and need to work through the Trauma we caused as Oppressors in the Patriarchy

    Releasing this trauma allows you to step fully into your Masculine and work through the blocks to lower chakra issues like financial scarcity, fear of your desires and honouring your Ego's needs, being stuck in victim-mentality, authenticity and lack of confidence/self-esteem.
  • clarify and move through the limiting beliefs you carry to self-love and inner unity - by getting crystal clear on where you are still unloving and unaccepting of yourself and what you need to do to be balanced and at peace

    The outer world is a reflection of the inner world and physical reunion does not happen until both sides of the TF dynamic first come into inner unity.
  • clear karmic relationships, cords and patterning
  • re-program the subconscious mind to release anything misaligned with the incoming energies of unconditional love, abundance, peace and wellbeing

Those drawn to the Empath label carry the Divine Feminine imprint, the archetype leading our planet into the Age of Aquarius and the cyclic rebirth of a global Matriarchy. As the Feminine on the Twin Flame journey you are leading the way; when you work through the blocks to your self-love, inner unity, and life purpose, you empower your Masculine counterpart to do the same.

This is what ignites your physical reunion in 3D.

If this resonates with you, please apply with your Twin Flame story.

I will reply with a time to discuss our fit for coaching. And if we are a fit, and you live in the US or CANADA, I'll send you my favourite grounding essential oil blend plus a few hand-picked crystals to support you with your Twin Flame journey.

(Also note: Similar to realizing you're an Empath, waking up to your place in the Twin Flame community is a resonance, an intuitive knowing. Your logic-based self will question things, even with all the signs and synchronicities, so questioning if you are a Feminine journeying to Twin Flame union is normal and something we will clarify before we start working together in a coaching capacity.)

Twin Flame Love Support,