A 6-week journalling course to fast-track Empaths through their lower chakra blocks and into their calling.

WEEK 1: Empath Non-Negotiables
WEEK 2: Root Chakra
WEEK 3: Sacral Chakra
WEEK 4: Solar Plexus Chakra
WEEK 5: Throat Chakra
WEEK 6: Empowered Goal Setting

If you're ready to stop procrastinating and doubting and finally tap into the self-love, self-confidence and self-empowerment you need to overcome your lower chakra blocks to showing up in this world how you agreed, join us for 6 weeks of block-busting  journalling.

Course includes:

  • Journalling prompts
  • Audio & video lessons

Plus! An abundance of Empath-specific chakra tools and tips.

Course is delivered to your inbox weekly for 6-weeks (starting Feb. 28, 2018) and easily modified for those on the front lines who need to complete it at their own pace.

At the end of the 6-weeks you will not only have everything you need to succeed at stepping into your mission but will also walk away knowing the exact next-steps (Module 6's goal setting) you need to be taking.

Please Note:

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A 6-week journalling course designed to move Empaths through their lower chakra blocks and into their purpose.