Calling In My Masculine

Happy belated Full Moon in Leo!

It was also a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse;

Cue divinely guided changes.

Leo sits in Chiron on my natal chart so it's always been a highly transformative moon placement for me, especially when it comes to speaking up authentically. Fun fact: I launched my blog (the first time) after the New Moon in Leo back in August 2016!

How have you been?

I am so grateful for your patience as I took my time away.

My heart needed space - and I wasn't sure if I would be back writing, but when I started to consider it in mid-January I received a series of e-mails from you guys wondering if/when I would be back blogging - it's as if you were reading my indecisiveness and showing up to give me the push you didn't know I would need.

Thank you.

As you'll notice, the diary got a bit of a facelift. 

Not in a visual way (though a few things have changed!) but more so in its energy.

It's more balanced.

Because I'm more balanced.

Where I am no longer only acting from my feminine (being free-flowing, making emotional decisions and acting from an intuitive head-space) but also doing the work to welcome and celebrate the masculine side of me. Like finding the courage to take up space and expand my brand, the strength to set goals and firm boundaries, and making strategic moves to scale my business and build my money.

A change that was sparked in my life after waking up to the responsibilities of being on the Twin Flame journey. An awakening that happens to align perfectly with the energies of 2018, a 2 year, a year that's going to be all about UNITY.

I am going to record a podcast episode covering everything.

But until then, here's a peak at how this change is showing up here at the diary!

(It's a journalling course I'll be launching in late February.)

Enjoy the ‘once in a blue moon’ energies!



P.S., I opened my schedule part-time to work with past clients who expressed interest in working with me again. Here's the link! If you aren't a past client and are looking for personalized support (those ascension energies are bringing up all kinds of things, especially around karmic endings) I created an affordable e-mail support program to help meet your needs.

P.P.S., Watch your inbox next Wednesday. The self-care reminders are returning! 

Hi again, hello!

The diary is re-lanching with the same vision (and a new energy) on February 1 after the Leo Full Moon! x