an empath
with dreams to live out?


I created these personalized breakthrough sessions to provide you the clarity, support and momentum you need to move forward. Depending on what you need, together we’ll get clarity on what you really want, identify what’s holding you back, clear the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, map out your next steps and create a toolkit filled with best practices to move through childhood patterns, healer wounds, programmed beliefs and the upper limits keeping you from living your truth.


what’s included:

  • 60 minute personalized coaching support

  • 1-page prepwork to focus your energy and jumpstart healing before we meet 1:1

  • access to tools that work that are handpicked and catered to you

  • guidance from someone who knows what it takes to follow your heart, who can’t let you live anything less than what you truly want




the LOVE

“Hi Robin, I know you were going to follow up, but I still feel your energy so strongly and I couldn’t resist to reach out first. I wanted to let you know I did both my homework assignments. Well all three, if you count cord cutting. I don’t think I have ever had the strength to end something with someone to their face and speak so clearly. He absorbed what I said so easily and there was no negativity, words or energy that came up. A little sadness. But it felt okay. When I got out of my car today, I felt as if my car was still moving. I did double take because I almost thought I left my car in drive. But I didn’t. Forward movement right? Anyways. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and the shift is SO real. You are something special Robin, and I’m immensely grateful for the light that led me to you. Have a beautiful day! With love, Ash.”



A few examples of what we could work through in a personalized session:


Aligning with your calling: Our spirits know when we aren’t living our truth and they pull at us until we do. It starts as a quiet knowing and then becomes all consuming. My spirit has a knack for seeing through inauthenticity and can support you getting clarity on your next moves and facing what is not you so you can begin walking the path you’ve intended to.

Facing the persecution wound: Many healers and creatives fear showing up because of past lives of persecution (think: witch trials). Though we know we won’t get hurt for being ourselves in this lifetime, the fear of being caught is an unconscious fear that holds us back until it’s witnessed and worked through. Together we’ll address and clear the unconscious fears you carry so they don’t hold you back anymore and you can start showing up, sharing and creating how you want to.

Knowing your worth: In a relationship that doesn’t value you? Are you a heart-led entrepreneur on the verge of burnout because you lost yourself in helping everyone else? In need of boundaries but unsure how to set them and with who? They say manifestation is self-worth in action, and it’s true. We can’t have what we want (that relationship, that business, that life) if we are okay with less. Together we’ll clean up your power leaks and identify the physical and energetic boundaries you need to set so the universe can send you what you’ve been dreaming of.



the fine print:

Within 48-hours of payment you’ll receive an email from me or my team with pre call prep work to complete before scheduling our call. The prep work is needed to focus your energy and ensure you get the most out of our time together! You’ll also receive my call calendar to book in your call within the next 7 days. As time is valuable, when call is booked, call time is considered confirmed. All coaching sessions are final sale. Calls are audio and take place on See Terms and Conditions to read the policies that will govern our work together. All data collected during our time together will be stored in a temporary Google Drive document. Documents will be deleted within 24 hours of our coaching session. Applicable taxes included in coaching fee.


Looking forward to supporting your journey!